Best 20 Washing Machines UK Reviews 2021

There are plenty of choices available for you if you’re trying to find the best washing machine for your needs. In fact, you can find thousands of different models of washing machines today, so there is bound to be one that will meet your requirements.

But just like with any other appliance, you should carefully consider your choices and read washing machine reviews before you make a decision. Here are some things to consider for anyone who is in looking for such an appliance:


The bigger the washing machine is, the more clothes you can wash at the same time. This could be particularly important if you have a family and would use your appliance often. However, if you live alone and don’t have that many clothes to wash, you might consider buying a small washing machine, such as one with a 5 kg capacity. Remember that the larger the machine is, the more electricity and water it will use. Therefore, choosing a machine that is too big for your needs may simply end up being a waste of energy.

Our Top 20 Recommended Washing Machine Reviews

1. Think Gizmos Store Portable Washing Machine TG23

TG23 portable washing machine designed by Think Gizmos is the perfect portable washing machine for individuals who do not have enough room for a full-sized machine. The unit has a wash and a spin tank with a wash capacity of 3.6 kg and a spin capacity of 2kg. Weighing 11kg is suitable for caravans and camping trips as well. The power is good enough to wash four t-shirts, a pair of pants, and a light sweatshirt. Furthermore, the wash period continues for up to 15 minutes on either a soft or regular wash.

If you’re concerned about the installation of the device, it is incredibly fast. You do not need to contact an expert to install this portable washing machine. All that is required to operate the washing machine is the availability of water and a power plug. Just fill it with washing powder and water and set it to clean. Therefore, the box contains everything you need, the washing machine, the water-filled pipe, the drainage tube, and a fully translated manual. But above all, the unit’s lower cost  is what makes the best inexpensive portable washing machine for camping.


  • The lightweight, compact style makes it easy to navigate
  • The massive capacity to wash laundry in bulk
  • Fast and quick to use controls


  • Noisy

2. Candy Grand’O Vita GVS169DC3 9Kg Washing Machine

Use this white candy washing machine to make laundry days quick. It has a 9kg drum and is suitable for medium-sized families. You have to put up with more standard build quality and a very simplistic yet easy-to-use collection of controls, considering its budget design. Still, the efficiency of the washing machine usually is excellent. The 30°c wash was reasonably decent, but the synthetic wash finally folded the stain strip, leaving behind a ketchup stain.

It uses sensors to weigh each load automatically and change the settings , so precisely, the perfect amount of time, energy, and water are used in every wash. This model also has a smart 3D Dynamic Wash System incorporating a specific drum design and improved water pressure to deliver a very comprehensive cleaning to any outfit. The intelligent touch control feature helps you to import new cycles; you can also track the wash’s progress from your Android smartphone.


  • Easy to buy and operate
  • Quick to run
  • Decent elimination of stains


  • Tricky App
  • The test strip was folded with silicone wash

3. Hoover Dynamic Next DXOA69HC3B 9Kg Washing Machine

Give your clothes an excellent cleaning experience with this Hoover washing machine. It is a simple black style, built in the kitchen to fit in with your other appliances. It is straightforward and uncomplicated digital display and has a well-labeled map for each wash whenever you need it.  It is simple to mount the machine and has regular dimensions at H85 x W60 x D54. With the Hoover Dynamic Next DXOA69C3, every single load is customized to perfection since the system is a smart one. 

You should use KG mode to ensure that your wash can be measured with internal sensors. Water consumption is then carefully calculated so that you do not waste water and electricity more than required. It’s ideal as a family washing machine or for those who always do big loads, considering the load size of 9kg.  It is a machine that provides a unique drum action and spin rates for an ultimate deep clean.


  • KG Mode
  • WiFi
  • Consumer Feedback
  • Guarantee Service
  • Washing Functions


  • Noise
  • Childproof Lock

4. Samsung WW80J5555FA Freestanding Washing Machine

The Samsung Ecobubble WW80J5555FA is not a regular washing machine and is filled with new technologies. It also works with a mobile app to detect bugs and mistakes, and Ecobubble’s technologies to ‘froth’ detergent and reach fabrics easily, saving energy and money. This unit will wash a massive load of clothes with its 8kg drum in one go.

It is one of the best washing machines. Suppose you are looking for a sleek and trendy alternative that is not too high on the budget. With a capacity of 8kg, it is suitable for medium-sized families and can also accommodate up to 40 shirts per wash, then sorted by the school uniforms. The other feature available can postpone your washing for up to 24 hours until you’re ready. There is a 15-minute ‘fast-wash’ setting if you’re genuinely pressed for time. This model has an A+++ energy efficiency rating, as well as Ecobubble technology, designed to make the most of your washing powders for a gentle yet thorough cleaning that also saves energy.


  • Energy-efficient
  • Strong BubbleSoak feature
  • Good enough looks


  • Not an Immense load power

5. Hotpoint NSWM943CGGUK 9Kg Washing Machine

Handle your clothes with what they deserve with the 9kg 1400 spin Hotpoint NSWM943CGG washing machine. This washing machine is crafted to secure clothes alongside high-performing cycles that combine to earn an A+++ energy ranking against stubborn stains. With the Anti-Stain process, you can guarantee that this system can handle the most popular household stains without the need to pre-treat your clothes. The technology behind Hotpoint’s stain removal is the tailor-made drum movements and water tracking technology.

Steam Hygiene, endorsed by Allergy UK, promises the ultimate treatment and security to keep the laundry fresh and ideally clean. Steam is immediately pumped into the tank, killing up to 99.9 percent of most common bacteria, always respecting the environment, without using chemical additives at the end of the washing cycle. A specialized anti-stain program that quickly extracts typical stains from your garments without the need for pre-treatment. The unit regulates the right volume of water, temperature speed, detergent, and drum motions creatively, so that you can get rid of stains. Full Load 45 is a dedicated washing application that helps you  wash a whole load of laundry in just 45 minutes without reducing the washing efficiency.


  • Good Look
  • Easy to use
  • Stain removal technology


  • Longer spin time

6. Beko WTK62051W 6kg 1200rpm Freestanding Washing Machine

The Beko WTK62051W freestanding washing machine can wash a full 6kg load in as little as 28 minutes with a size of 6kg and a spin speed of 1200rpm, so it is suitable for families who quickly need their clothes regularly. It also features LED progress indicator lights and a slim depth, so this washing machine is quick to use and easy to mount as well. And, a child protection lock can keep children from unnecessarily altering their laundry cycles, giving you a sense of security.

The model’s slim construction makes it simple to install in narrow spaces, providing a perfect space-saving option. Its hand washes setting will softly shift your clothes through the machine, provide them with better treatment,  and ideal for delicate fabrics and hand-wash-only products. You can extract bacteria from the drum by pressing a switch, with the availability of DrumClean software. The drum will be washed at a comfortable 70°c to help you benefit from more hygienic cleaning.


  • Easy to use
  • Quick wash time


  • Load capacity

7. Haier I-Pro Series 7 HW80-B14979S

The Haier I-Pro Series 7 8kg washing machine has a spin speed of 1400rpm and an energy level of A+++. Being a part of the I-Pro series, this machine from Haier is intended to provide expert quality laundry results in your own home. Without the need for detergent, a convenient refresh option helps you to add a new lease on life to your clothing in just 20 minutes. The Micro Vapour technology eliminates odor and allergies, so you are ready in no time to wear your beloved sweater again.

The drum is specially built with pillow-like pads that allow your clothes to slip softly around the drum, allowing them to look fresh for a longer time. When loading and unloading, an interior light helps you see into the tank, ensuring no more stray socks are left behind. Because of the belt-free configuration, the direct motion motor is smoother and has less distortion. The wash load is measured by creative internal scales and the exact quantities of water and detergent needed for the cycle, saving both water loss and energy consumption.


  • Good design
  • Easy to use
  • Larger drum capacity


  • Noise during the spin cycle

8. Baumatic Integrated Washing Machine

The Baumatic BMWI148D-80 integrated washing machine has energy efficiency and a range of choices with the latest new appliances. The appliance is rated A+++ for energy usage and has an average of 196 kWh of annual electricity demand, so it won’t cost the planet to work. It is ranked A for wash and spin performance. Consumption reduction is achieved automatically by measuring the load at the beginning of each shower, using only the necessary amount of water, and energy and reducing the time left.

With easy and low-temperature choices, numerous programs will cover all fabric styles, including fragile items such as wool and silk. The Eco cycle can be carried out at just 20 degrees, and the three quick wash options can be done in 14,30 and 44 minutes, respectively. The smart KG detector and the sensors measure your fabrics before setting the right washing time for your load automatically, so your clothes still look fresh.

The controls are operated by a digital rotary dial and a touch panel, which offers access to additional choices and makes spin velocity and temperature adjustments to fit. The system can reach spin speeds of up to 1400 rpm, which is especially useful for cotton clothing and can dramatically minimize drying times. A drum volume of 8kg makes it suitable for medium-sized families, and a relatively silent noise level of 56 decibels ensures that it will not annoy the household while cleaning.


  • Good quality
  • Reliable and Well built


  • A bit noisy

9. Cater-Wash 18KG Heavy Duty Washing Machine

The best way to explain this massive washing machine is powerful, effective, and outstanding efficiency. It is one for you if you need anything that will take care of immense amounts of laundry. Its capacity of 18kg is adequate to be a commercial device that you can find in dry cleaners. And if it is a huge device, it has several other exciting features. This cater-wash is very useful with the garment adding feature. Even after the loop has finished, it encourages you to ass another object.

It pauses the water and drains momentarily, but if you’ve got this washer, you don’t need to panic if you miss any piece of clothing. You expect to encounter significant problems with noise and features during service, usually with an appliance this large. For Cater-Wash, that indeed can’t be said. It’s been built so well; you’ll forget that a loop is going. Built with vibration reduction features to ensure it stays quiet throughout and to minimize the chance of collapse and noise emission. It also has shock-absorbing legs, and the drum is built so that it washes the entire load quality.


  • Easy to use
  • Reliable machine taking large loads

10. CASART Full-Automatic Washing Machine

This washing machine is small and compact for you to move it quickly, but the honeycomb-shaped inner tub will fill 5kg at one time and wash loads of clothes for you, which is a decent option for medium or low weight washing in the apartment or dorm. The laundry washing machine has a fully automated programming design. There is no installation required, and it is simple for you to use the fully automatic washing machine; just follow the detailed diagrams and descriptions to use this washing machine.

It is a user-friendly system with a built-in aluminum drain pump, an intake hose, and a drainage tube that makes it convenient for this washing machine to add water or drain polluted water quickly. When you set up the washing machine’s software, you should just leave it alone to work and do your work. Also, the transparent and translucent lid makes it easy to see and track the state of water and cleaning. Different clothes have different specifications for washing and water level, so you can change water and washing mode to suit the demand.


  • Good design
  • Easy to use and operate


  • The problem is the spin and drainage pipe

11. Haden HW1206 Washing Machine

Haden, influenced by the new British Home, has been the pioneer of home appliances since 1958. These front-loaded washing machines are designed to last with the consistency you have relied on for decades. This washing machine has 6kg of drum power, 23 programs with different settings, including 15 minutes of a quick wash, delicate 30°, rinse & spin, 9 hours of delay, and pause mode. It provides relaxation and helps to quickly and successfully handle the laundry pile.

There are a 6kg load and a boastful A+++ energy rating on the convenient freestanding washing machine. The pure nature makes this washer practical and straightforward for the eye to use. Using Haden’s laundry set will save energy costs with this green A+++ rated washer, even with the sizeable 6kg load size and powerful 1200rpm motor. It is the best way to complete your home and  complement Haden’s other home and kitchen appliances.


  • Nice quality
  • Efficient design


  • Poor load capacity

12. Cater-Wash CK8512 12kg Premium Care Washing Machine

Probably, Cater Wash is not a well-known brand . That’s because Cater-Kwick, the parent firm, is a UK online distributor that deals primarily with catering equipment. The Cater-Wash 12 pkg washing machine is filled with features to make your day-to-day life more straightforward. It minimizes your energy bills and drying time, with a big 12kg drum size, an A+++ energy rating, and 1400 rpm spin speed.

This unit is fitted with an LED screen and smart technologies to save your favorite washing cycle so that the company can be used by anybody and still get the same results. It is perfect If you need a higher temperature for more soiled garments or if you like the spin pace to crank up to make your laundry dry faster. There are 15 regular washing systems, including a quick wash for 15 minutes, a pre-wash, and an extra rinse cycle. It needs only 2 hours for a full process at the hottest 90°c setting to give you an indication of pacing. That is pretty good. This one even has an inverter generator, meaning it only puts out 59 DB through daily cleaning.


  • Quiet
  • 15min quick wash


  • No self-cleaning program
  • Not a well-known brand

13. FitnessClub Portable Twin Tub Washing Machine

The fitness club portable twin tub washing machine is easy to use. Just bring your clothes in, fill it with water, set the timer, and start washing, with a drainage tube that helps you to clean polluted water quickly; it is eco-friendly, and saves electricity. It’s compact, and lightweight construction makes this perfect for areas where space is minimal, suitable for camping, caravans, dorms, college quarters, students flats, small accommodation, and other compact settings, easy to travel and carry to wherever you need.

It has a  time control design; there are two timer controls; the washing tub that you can put between 1-15 minutes can control the washing and dry time whatever you want. And the other dry tub that can be scheduled for 1-3 minutes. This washing machine will save your time by washing and spinning dry loads at the same time by using the compact semi-auto washing machine. It is designed with a powerful 1300rpm engine and a maximum frequency of 50Hz, save your time to clean laundry, with a twin tub dual-purpose configuration.


  • Capacity
  • Timer-switches


  • On the larger side

14. Leisure Direct Twin Portable 230v 4.6kg Washing Machine

Leisure direct twin portable washing machine is lightweight and easy to use, just fill it with hot water and detergent and has a wash capacity of 4.6kg. This twin tub washing machine is perfect for use in your kitchen or students, caravan, motorhome, or somewhere else with limited space. It has a semi-automatic pulse and reverses wash with the option of a regular wash or a soft delicacy cycle.

This machine includes a timer with a spin capacity of 3.5kg. It has an in-built timer and can wash for 15 minutes and switches off automatically after each timed program. Both the washer and the spin dryer pump excess water out. Unlike other applications, the spin dryer may be used at the same time. Time as a washer or only alone with a fully flexible washer activity with pacing. It saves energy and makes the machine environment friendly.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Eco-Friendly


  • Suitable only for minimal use

15. COSTWAY 2 in 1 Portable Washing Machine

The Costway 2 in 1 washing machine is a model that many people enjoy for boats and caravans.  With a load capacity of 3.5kg, spin of 750 rpm, automatic pump, and software selection, will place it in a class above the regular mini washers you would expect to see. Firstly, it is automated, so it’s going to save you a lot of trouble. It has six programs and three different levels of water. If you choose the medium application, it will wash, rinse, and spin in about 40 minutes to indicate of how well it is.

The LED panel demonstrates the cycle time plainly and will vibrate to let you know it’s done. When it gets too cold, it can even raise the water level automatically. It’s 3.5 kg size means it can accommodate w few pairs of jeans and towels, but it should be squeezed by a king-size, wildly while spinning. However, the cost was version comes with a tap hose, and it’s a gravity drainer, unlike the other ones where you tip the water in. Many people bring it into their shower systems so that the water will only run away from them. The measure of the unit is L43CM*W43CM*H75CM. It means it is about 15cm shorter than standard washing machines and 17cm slimmer. The extra weight ensures that it doesn’t bounce around too much when spinning and is relatively quiet when working.


  • Easy to use LED controls
  • Smaller and lighter than regular washing machines


  • It is not as portable as other models

16. Whirlpool Atlantis 3LWTW4705FW 15Kg

Whirlpool is another well-established company selling top loader washing machines for the UK market. This washing machine has the dimensions of 65 x 68.5 x 91.4 centimeters and is perfect if you like to place it in a small room or a tall cupboard. It scores the highest A+++ for energy efficiency, and only 174 km/h per year is expected to be used. A tremendous advantage of this design over standard loaders is that getting the washing out is much simpler. You can open the door in one hand, and you don’t need to lean over.

A “Drum Up” feature has also been introduced by a whirlpool that lifts it higher. Then you don’t have to go head-first hunting for the sock you have long forgotten. The “sixth sense” technology from whirlpool also comes with this model. It tests the scale and form of loads intelligently and allows water and cycle time changes. Colors 15 is also available, a program that will enable you to wash colors at 15 degrees and get the same value as a 40-degree program. It saves money and power by not trying to heat the bath. Although this model is not defined as a “washer/dryer,” a ” fresh case” tumble cycle is available. It reduces the drying time and to make sure that the clothes are clean and fresh as they come out.


  • Slimline
  • Load-weighing sensors


  • Expensive
  • Not enough load capacity for prominent families

17. Cater-Wash Top Loading Washing Machine

The Cater-Wash CK8575 top-loading washing machine with a size of 7.5kg and a large footprint of 400mm makes this machine the best option for small spaces. The latest revolutionary architecture helps this unit spin with an A+++ energy level at 1200 rpm, unlike most top loaders.

It has a clean tub cycle, and you can also save your process from getting the same results after every wash. It has a child lock, which prevents the child from altering the wash cycles and ensures security. This machine gets a pre-wash process used to pre-soak items before the main wash starts. This 7.5kg top-load washing machine has a quick wash option for 15 minutes and stops automatically after the timer ends. The wash is suitable for synthetics, mixed fabrics, sportswear, jeans, and baby care. This machine gets a warranty of 1 year for its parts along with a domestic warranty.


  • Good design
  • Child lock


  • Noisy

18. Experience 7kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine White

The Hotpoint Experience 7kg 1400 spin has one of the best washing machine reviews on the market; is a quick-selling item right now in the UK. It has great reviews from previous customers and is extremely affordable if you purchased online. The best feature about this model is how quiet it is. Many people claim that they forget that it is even running once they walk away. If you have an older, louder machine, you’ll be surprised at just how quiet some modern units can wash.

Another feature is the cold wash. This doesn’t give your clothes a complete cleaning, but instead is used to help freshen them up. Many people will choose to use this on a regular basis, and only use the main spin to help remove stains. The only downside to this unit is the time. If you don’t use the time saver function, expect to wait roughly 3 hours until your load is complete.

Many customers who have used Hotpoint washing machines never go back. That’s not the case of one reviewer, but you can be assured that there are others out there with the same mentality. People also said that the delivery service, if ordered from Amazon UK was great. If you’re home, they’ll take the unit to the utility room for you to minimize your workload. Since you can also save a bit of money when you order online from our links; definitely check it out first before you consider buying it somewhere else.

19. LG F1480TDS 1400RPM 8kg Steam Direct Drive Washing Machine White

The LGF1480TDS steam washing machine has some very cool bells and whistles not found on most washing machines. Even if you are replacing a fairly modern unit, you’ll be surprised to see exactly what this model can do! One very nice feature is the multiple programmes that come included with this unit. These allow you to customize how your clothes will be cleaned based on your needs such as time or budget. For example, there’s an “Allergy care” setting if your allergies are bad this time of year.

The large LG LED display makes using this machine a cinch. It displays error messages, the run time and which programme is currently selected. As you’d expect, this screen is fancy and makes the unit easier to use. The steam technology helps penetrate deeply into your clothes to remove stains, dander and hair that many washing machines wouldn’t remove. This unit currently has a 5/5 star rating on Amazon right now from previous customers. Several customers said that it was very easy to use, which is always a plus. Customers also said that this model was pretty quiet, even with its higher speeds of 1400rpm.

Finally, it looks like buying online was also the most economical choice for several people. If you’re trying to save some money right now, definitely check it out our links and the comparison chart first before looking anywhere else.

20. Russell Hobbs RH1042 5Kg Washing Machine

The Russell Hobbs RH1042 washing machine is one of the best-rated washing machines on the market right now. With an average of 4.5/5 star in category of washing machine reviews from customers on Amazon and other services, it’s worth checking out if you’re in the market for a new washer. The best feature about this model is the energy efficiency. The RH1042 has an A rating, meaning it is in the most efficient class. This will help you save a lot of money in the long-term, plus you can feel better about yourself for helping the environment. The spin cycle operates at speeds up to 1,000rpm. This helps clean your laundry more quickly and thoroughly than units that don’t spin.

Overflow protect prevents you from accidentally putting in too many clothes. Older machines that didn’t have this protection could sometimes flood the house, but that just won’t happen with this washer. Previous customers have a lot of great things to say about this washer. Some said that it’s a great size- not too big, not too small. Other customers loved the fact that the clothes didn’t clump together, which happens in some machines. This allows the clothes to get cleaner and decreases the number of wrinkles and creases. Finally, customers said that for the price, it’s a great buy. To check it out take a look on our links to save a few pounds over retail.

Spin Speed

One of the factors that sets apart one washing machine from another is the speed at which it can spin during its final cycle.
A machine that has a 1400 rpm spin speed, for example, will be far more efficient at removing moisture from clothes than one that spins at just 1000 rpm. This saves time and energy on drying. However, there could be some potential drawbacks to a machine with a faster spin speed. It will be a bit noisier and will also use more energy.

Best Washing Machine Programs and Features

Today’s best washing machine is one that will have various programs to wash different categories of items. These programs affect how fast the machine operates, how thorough the rinse cycle is, the temperature of the water, and the speed of the spin cycle. Some of the low end washing machines may have only a few washing program options, but the UK’s top loader washing machines could have 20 or more. You can choose options to wash items that are very dirty, delicate items, jeans, shirts, etc.

There are some other features on a washing machine that you may find interesting. For example, some machines today will have a time delay option that allows you to delay the start of the machine by up to 24 hours. This allows you to take advantage of off peak rates.

The Color of the Appliance

For years, washing machines, as well as other appliances, came only in white. It was very rare to see any appliance in another color. But this is rapidly changing. You can find machines that are white, silverblack, and even other colors, such as blue and red. Of course, the best washing machine isn’t just determined by its color. However, if you want to have an appliance that will match your home’s existing appliances or overall style, you now have more color options to select from.

The Brand and Model

There are thousands of machines available, but the truth is that not all of them are the best washing machines. Remember that when you buy such a large appliance, you are getting something that will last a long time. There are some people who have had a washing machine that lasted over three decades without ever breaking down or having any problems. Of course, how long your machine will last will depend on a few factors, such as how often you use it, and the quality of the model that you purchased.

You will want to do a bit of research on the particular model that you’re getting to see what other consumers have thought about it, so it is good to read some washing machine reviews first. As washing machines are getting increasingly complicated, the cost of servicing one or replacing major components is rising. Therefore, it is better to spend a bit more money to buy a quality machine, than to get a cheap one that will break after a year or two.

Reading the best washing machine reviews is also going to let you find out other things that aren’t usually discussed in the advertising materials for the machine, such as real life accounts of how easy the machine is to operate, how much noise it makes, and any concerns that the reviewer had about it. Finally, take note of the warranty on the appliance. Usually you get a 1 year warranty in case the machine breaks down during normal use, but some retailers and brands may offer an additional service plan that covers the appliance for longer.