Best 11 Black Washing Machines Uk Reviews 2020

When you’re searching for a washing machine, you will find that in the last decade, appliances of different colors have appeared on the market.

Therefore, if you would like a black washing machine to match the existing ambiance in your home, you can easily find one. One example of a quality black washing machine would be the Whirlpool WWCR92301B, but there are black machines made by other brands too, such as BushHotpoint and Panasonic. When you shop for a major appliance like a washing machine, you will want something that matches your budget and your needs. But don’t forget that you also need a quality appliance that can last a long time without giving you any trouble.

Best Performing Black Washing Machine Reviews

You may have seen machines that are a washer dryer, which combine that functions of the two appliances. While they may save you space and often are less expensive than buying two appliances, you should be aware that they have a tendency to have mechanical problems more often than separate washers and dryers. Therefore, it is recommended that you buy a dedicated black washing machine, as they are more reliable than combined appliances.

One of the specifications that you will see as you shop for a washing machine would be the spin speed. This is simply the speed at which the washing machine goes when it enters the spin cycle. A machine that spins faster will do a better job at extracting moisture from the clothes, which consequently means that they will dry faster in the dryer. A dryer, even one of the newer and more energy-efficient models, is still an appliance that consumes a sizable amount of energy to operate. Thus, a washing machine with a faster spin cycle will save you money on drying costs, in addition to saving you time.

modern black washing machine will have different wash cycles, which are made for different kinds of loads. Many washing machines also have a “half load” option, allowing the appliance to use a minimal amount of water for small loads. The other washing programs are adapted for various kinds of loads, such as linen items, heavily soiled clothing items such as work clothes, delicate items, etc. The best black washing machine will therefore make your washing experience a lot more convenient and its different cycles allow your items to last longer.

Today, you will find that washing machines now have a LCD display that can make it much easier to select the appropriate cycle, plus show relevant information like the progress of the current wash, the total amount of time remaining and more.

Finally, the capacity of a black washing machine is expressed in kilograms of clothes that it can wash. The choice of capacity is entirely up to you, but remember that if you don’t have heavy loads, you can save a lot of money by buying a smaller washer, as they not only cost less to purchase, but their overall operating costs are lower as well.

Top 11 Black Washing Machines Reviews

1. Candy CVS1482D3B 8kg 1400rpm Freestanding Washing Machine

The Candy CVS148D3B is easy to use, freestanding washing machine with revolutionary technology to improve your cleaning performance. The big 8kg drum would comfortably accommodate about 40 adult T-shirts and is an excellent option for small families. And your clothes are going to have less residual moisture after a wash with a spin rate of 1400 rpm. The freestanding washing machine is tailored to meet your needs allowing you to choose from its 17 separate washing cycle. Or one of the four easy wash choices will give you a careful washing in as quickly as 14 minutes when you’re in a hurry.

This candy washing machine comes with a washing cycle of 90C, that will assure to produce improved hygiene results for your clothes. The One Touch delivers an innovative approach that functions as merely an electronic payment device. You can power, track, and handle the NFC-connected unit from an Android smartphone through the Hoover Wizard App. The system will use KG mode to weigh the load and change timings based on what is required, earning its A+++ ranking. And you can have the most cheaper night-time washes, with the option to extend the start time up to 24 hours.


  • Quiet
  • Good washing ability


  • Inaccurate cycle time

2. Hotpoint Ltd NSWF 743U BS UK 1400rpm Washing Machine

Fly through your washing experience with a washing machine built to fix the hardest daily stains. The Hotpoint Ltd NSWF BS UK washing machine with a size of 7kg and a spin rate of 1400 rpm is perfect for all hour household washing requirements and saves money on your bills with an A+++ energy level. The steam hygiene cycle offers a complete hygienic wash with utmost treatment and safety. Steam hygiene immediately absorbs steam into the drum, eliminating up to 99.99 percent of the most common bacteria without chemical substances.

The machine features an anti-stain cycle, ensuring that this device will fix the most common household stains without the need to pre-treat your clothes. The science behind Hotpoint’s stain removal technology is the customized drum motions and water monitoring technologies. The antimicrobial safety will minimize the build-up of bacteria by 99.99 percent in the door seal of your washing machine so that your device remains completely clean. The digital monitor enables you to pick your cycles and track them the time left. The clothes are handles to the treatment they deserve by the steam cleaning machine with a 30-minute speed, which is perfect when you are in a hurry.


  • Efficient technologies
  • Easy to use


  • Poor washing cycles

3. Beko WTG941B3B 9kg 1400rpm Freestanding Washing Machine with 28Min Quick Wash

Beko WTG941B3B large-capacity washing machine will wash a full 9kg load within 28 minutes, making it ideal for medium-sized and busy families. The Fast+ feature can help you reduce the system durations, allowing you to save some more time. This feature shortens program durations by up to 55 percent with increased drum motions and enhanced temperature regulation, which is ideal for people when they’re in a rush.

You do not need to wait for hours for your washing machine to complete its wash cycle. The quick program will help you wash a big load of clothes, even as big as 9kg, saving you time and money. This washing machine features a quick small load wash suitable for families when they’re in a hurry. The super-short software will wash a 2kg load of clothes in just 14 minutes. The extra-large 34cm porthole door makes it easy to fill your washing machine with more significant items, such as duvets and bedsheets. The device features an Anti-allergy App, supported by Allergy UK, which is ideal for allergy or asthma sufferers and aims to minimize the number of allergens in the washing, including cat, dog, and pollen allergens, as well as bacteria and fungi.


  • Large loading Capacity
  • Quick wash program

4. Hoover DHL149DB3B 9kg 1400 rpm Freestanding Washing Machine


The Hoover DHL149DB3B Freestanding washing machine blends the important washing programs and functions with the new smart technologies. The machine’s 9kg capacity is adequate for a large household and can handle objects as large as a duvet of medium king size. It makes it an economical option with an A+++ ranking for energy efficiency, with an expected annual usage of 28 kWh obtaining an A grade for wash and spin performance. It takes 14,30, and 44 minutes to complete the wash cycle, handling marginally dirty loads from 1.5 kg to 3.5 kg, with a daily process of 59min lasting less than an hour.

This machine has ActiveEco software, which requires a heat of 20 degrees to run and can accommodate cotton, synthetics, and blended fabrics of various colors in a single load. The resources used can be configured in KG mode, where built-in sensors weigh the bag at the program’s beginning. The temperature and spin speeds can be adjusted according to your needs and can reach up to 90 degrees and 1400 rpm. It has three stain removal options that provide intensive, natural, or delicate cleaning actions, with more options for extra rinse, hygiene plus, and simple iron processes. The digital clock will also act as a delay start timer, varying from one to 24 hours, and the start button can also stop a program.


  • Quick wash times
  • Big drum


  • Noisy during spin

5. Hotpoint NSWM1043CBS 10kg 1400rpm Freestanding Washing Machine

Handle your clothes how they deserve using the 10kg 1400 rpm Hotpoint NSWM1043CBS washing machine. The machine is built to secure your clothes from detergent stains, including high-performance cycles that combine to earn this washing machine energy rating of A+++. The machine features an anti-stain process, ensuring that the device will fix the most common household stains without the need to pre-treat your clothes. The science behind Hotpoint’s stain removal technology is the customized drum motions and water monitoring technologies.

The steam hygiene cycle, approved by Allergy UK, offers a complete hygienic wash with utmost treatment and safety. Steam hygiene immediately absorbs steam into the drum, eliminating up to 99.99 percent of the most common bacteria without chemical substances. A specialized anti-stain program quickly extracts typical stains from your clothes without the use of pre-treatment

The machine regulates the right volume of water, temperature speed, detergent, and drum motions in a creative way, to get rid of stains. Full Load 45 is a dedicated washing application that helps you wash a whole load of clothes in just 45 minutes, without reducing the washing speed.


  • Clean and Sleek design
  • Quiet


  • Difficult to differentiate between cycles

6. Cater-Wash 18kg Heavy Duty Washing Machine- With sanitize wash and Add steam

Powerful, effective, and outstanding efficiency is the best way to explain the massive washing machine. It is enough for you if you need anything that will take care of immense amounts of clothes. It is an 18kg heavy duty washing machine with a spin speed of 1300rpm for the complete elimination of moisture. It is perfect for large families and various commercial areas and saves money on your bills with A+++ energy levels. This machine adds a handy garment feature. It helps you to add another item, even after the cycle gets started. If you have this washer, you do not need to panic if you miss a piece of cloth as it pauses the water and drains it automatically.

This heavy-duty washing machine contains pre-programmed wash cycles and will add steam to remove nasty stains and odors from your clothes. You expect to encounter serious problems with noise and gestures during service, usually with an application this large. It can’t be said for Cater-Wash. It has been so well-designed such that you can even forget that the cycle is running. This machine is built with vibration reduction features to ensure that it stays quiet throughout the process and also has shock-absorbing legs to minimize the chance of collapse and noise emission.


  • Quiet
  • Good for heavy loads

7. Klarstein Bubble Boost Washing Machine- Power

The Bubble boost washing machine is a lightweight washing machine for travel-friendly use with a strength of 380W and a size of 3.5kg. It is easy to use outside of familiar places with small dimensions that can be easily stored. This portable washing machine from Klarstein is designed for use outside the usual venues, doing washing and spinning laundry simpler in areas of minimal rooms, such as when camping, traveling, or gardening.

Apart from that, this machine is even well-equipped for single and student families. Much greater laundry loads can be conveniently processed with a wash capacity of 3.5kg and a spin capacity of 1kg. It has a brief running period of 0-10 for the wash cycle and 0-5 minutes for the spin cycle. Hence, the versatile Klarstein Bubble Boost washing machine is best for fast washing and spinning with no loss of time.


  • Lightweight
  • Travel-friendly


  • Not useful for heavy loads

8. Chang Portable Mini Shoes Washer

This portable mini shoe washer is a perfect machine for washing your shoes with excellent performance. It has a simple one-button operation, and its high-performance engine helps you save time and effort. It also makes it very easy to wash your shoes and allows you to save time. This washer operates on micro-shock pulse low-voltage without the need for any safety hazards.

The mini shoe washer has an intelligent non-destructive shoe washing technology that provides fast cleaning of your shoes in about 10-30 minutes. The product guarantees successful cleaning with proper sterilization to eliminate difficult stains by deodorizing your shoes. This machine is made of perfect wires and provides good durability. It has a control movement chip to monitor the device’s movement and provides continuous service for 30 minutes. It also has high-speed spinning action to perform all-around cleaning with a nylon brush with interchangeable bristles and deep fiber. Hence, this mini body does not take up more space, suitable to keep in apartments, dorms, and is comfortable to carry during travel.


  • Unique design
  • Good washing technology 

9. Bosch WVD2452BGB – Exxcel 1200 Spin Washer Dryer in Black

Some dryers are meant for small spaces like a caravan or a boat. Others, like the Bosch WVD2452BGB Washer Dryer, are meant for those folks with a full-size laundry room- and go through clothes like crazy!

The first thing that everyone notices about this model is the size. It’s HUGE compared to some of the other washing machines we’ve looked at. If you don’t have a large laundry room, go ahead and pass on this one. Also this unit is cool because it both washes AND dries your clothes! That is the main reason why this unit is so big. Another feature is that this unit is a front loading machine. Some people like these types of machines, while others prefer top loading. It really just comes down to preference, but the main downside with front loading machines is that you need more floor space to use it easily. If you’re looking for a very energy-efficient machine… move on to the next choice. This model is only rated at C for energy efficiency. The good news is that it’s A rated for washing efficiency! Finally, note that the washer and dryer maximum loads are different. You can dry loads up to 2.5kg, but wash loads up to 5kg.

There are a few main things that people like about this machine. One is that even though it’s a front loader, it doesn’t require much floor space because the machine isn’t very deep. Another thing customers love is that it’s easy to use due to the LED display. The only downside is that this unit isn’t very quiet!

10. Russell Hobbs RHWM612B-M 6kg 1200 spin Black Washing Machine – Free 2 Year Warranty*

A bit smaller than some of its cousins, the Russell Hobbs 6kg washing machine is still a great choice for many families. It won’t exactly be optimal in a tiny studio apartment, but it does have a place for folks with larger homes.

Energy efficiency is important to most people these days, right? That’s why Russell Hobbs made this model energy efficient enough to earn an A++ rating. This means that over time, your energy savings will help cover the cost of this unit. This model also has a washing performance rating of A and a spin performance rating of B. That means it does a great job of washing your clothes and a good job of removing most of the excess water after washing. A load capacity of 6kg isn’t huge but does allow you to fit in more clothes than most other machines. Finally, the noise level is rated at 58 db. This is slightly louder than some other machines on the market, but no washing machine is perfect, right?

Customers who purchased this unit seem happy with their purchase. They said that it’s easy to use and they like the variety of programs available. One customer said that they had trouble removing stains, but they hadn’t tried using a stain remover with hot water (which is recommended). Overall though, the Russell Hobbs 6kg washing machine looks like a good buy for most families.

11. Hotpoint Ltd HULT943K EXPERIENCE 1400rpm Washing Machine 9kg Load Class A+++ Black

Not every family can get by with a mini washing machine. If your family is in that boat, consider the Hotpoint 9kg washing machine.

The first thing to mention about this model is the energy efficiency. Rated at A+++, it’s definitely a keeper that can save you a lot of money over time. Especially since Russell Hobbs makes good machines that last for quite a while. The spin performance- meaning how well it spins the water out of your clothes- is rated at B. Not bad, right? The washing performance is rated at A, basically meaning this unit cleans your clothes very well. The total washing capacity is 9kg. This allows you to wash pretty large loads, saving you time and hassle from having to wash multiple tiny loads. Finally, at 55db the sound level is a bit lower than some other washing machines we’ve reviewed.

Most customers seem satisfied with the product. One customer liked how little this unit vibrates. They said you can actually put a glass on top and won’t see it move while the machine is going! Another person loved the spin cycle. They said that it gets the clothes mostly dry, which is a nice feature in the winter when you can’t hang-dry your clothes outside.