Bosch WAE24167GB Washing Machine Review UK

Russell Hobbs is a popular brand name in the market and consumers are known to have a penchant for its products. 

The latest Russell Hobbs RHWM612-M 6kg 1200 spin White Washing Machine is termed to be a fabulous device that comes with several interesting features. Its USP according to its manufacturer is the 2 year warranty that is provided on it, thereby ensuring that buyers can be free from worries related to any defects or issues faced with the machine, if any, during the warranty period.

Its salient features

This best branded washing machine comes with A+ energy efficiency performance rating, which means less power consumption during operation and more savings. It enjoys ‘A’ efficient washing performance. The maximum washing capacity on this machine is 6 kg. This effectively means that it has a holding capability of about 30 T-shirts or just a single duvet. There are provided in it eight different programs, which includes quick wash facility.

Other aspects to consider

The available color of this model is sparkling white, which is great for the eyes. The product has been designed ergonomically, so that it can be kept just about anywhere in the house,
with great ease. It has a total shipping weight of about 81 kg. and was launched in early 2014.

This machine has a spin rate of around 1200 RPM. When performance is concerned, this is the undoubtedly the perfect washing machine for any home. Its white color can perfectly suit and complement any kitchen style with great ease and users can find the eight different programmers to be just practical for using it, whenever desired. It does help the user to have the wash customized according to the particular laundry requirements. It includes woolen, baby cycle, etc. If time is of essence, then quick wash function provided in it can prove to be an ideal and time saving solution. It offers consistent cleaning and also does not cost a fortune to operate. Variable temperature options are provided in this machine making it suitable for washing all types of clothes.

It has cold fill facility and offers an ‘A’ grade washing performance and B grade spinning performance.