Candy Washing Machines UK Reviews

Candy washing machines aren’t the most well-known here in the UK, but that doesn’t mean they’re a bad option. The company has been around for over 60 years now, and over that time they’ve been able to compete with the “big boys.”

This Candy review will go over some things they do well- and not so well- regarding their washing machines. We’ll talk about the company’s background, as well as the pros and cons for their models.


Candy’s first washing machine, the Model 50, was created in 1945. Candy is credited with creating the first semi-automatic washing machine with a spinner. They now have plants all over the world and manufacture products under multiple brand names.

The easiest place to buy their models online, but they have a few retailers where you can shop as well. Argos, Currys and Euronics are just a few retailers that carry this line.

Now let’s talk about what makes Candy stand out.


  • One thing that Candy seems to excel in is customer service. From installation to helping fix a broken machine, customers seem satisfied with the level of support they received. This is rare for a large company like Candy, so it’s good to see that it does still exist.
  • The spin cycle is quiet, even at its fastest speeds which can reach up to 1400rpm. Because Candy focuses primarily on consumer appliances, they’ve learned over the years the importance of having quiet appliances that still get the job done.
  • Have a small family? Grab a small, 3.5kg washing machine. Or if you have a large family, the 10kg model is probably best for you. Candy washing machines come in a few different sizes, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, larger machines are nice for large families, but don’t expect it to fit well in a tiny apartment!
  • Depending on what you’re washing and how much time you have, you have multiple options to choose from. For example, if you’re short on time then just go with the 14 minute quick wash. If you aren’t in a huge hurry, choose the eco-friendly wash to save water and energy. To be fair- many brands offer these kinds of options in modern machines, but not all.

Even though most customers seem to like their Candy washing machine, here are a few cons to consider.


  • Some people have trouble with the bearings. It’s been said that Candy doesn’t apply as much grease as they should, which causes the unit to get much louder over time. Some customers said that even by the 3rd or 4th time, it gets too loud to talk over.
  • Another negative is that the drum is one whole unit that you have to replace in one piece. You can’t just replace pieces, so this makes it a pretty expensive repair.
  • Finally, some customers said that even if they didn’t have problems with the bearings, the unit didn’t seem to last nearly as long as some competitors.


Even though Candy washing machines aren’t the worst- they definitely aren’t the best. For this Candy review, we’ll have to recommend that you go with a different, more well-known brand.