Russell Hobbs Review UK

Russell Hobbs Review UK

This Russell Hobbs review will cover the company’s best washing machines as a whole. Instead of just looking at each machine individually, we’ll be discussing how they’re doing overall, and what you can expect if you purchase one of these devices for your home.

First, here’s a quick background on the company:


Russell Hobbs primarily provides consumer products for the home. Kitchen appliances such as toasters, kettles, coffee makers and food preparation gadgets are just a few things that they offer. But just because they don’t focus on washing machines doesn’t mean that they’re low quality!

If you look up reviews for Russell Hobbs washing machines, you’ll find that most reviews are very, very good. Customers seem to love the quality of the machines. Here’s why:


  • Most of these machines are very, very quiet. This is extremely important if you live in an apartment, studio or condo. After all, you don’t want to worry about keeping your neighbors up if you have to do some late-night laundry, right? Plus you don’t have to worry about it keeping the family awake.
  • Customers also love how small some of these machines are. Most of us here in the UK don’t exactly have a ton of space, so we need to do the best with what we have, right? That means using smaller machines that still do the job well.
  • These machines are also very stable. Some washing machines shake and rattle during the spin cycle, causing a loud noise and even making the ground shake! That’s generally not a problem with Russell Hobbs washing machines.
  • These machines gets your clothes very clean. Even though some energy-efficient machines struggle with this aspect, these models don’t have that problem.

Overall, Russell Hobbs has a lot going for it. Here are a few cons to consider before you make your purchase:


  • These are not the cheapest machines on the market, but they aren’t the most expensive either. Just keep in mind that if you have a very tight budget, Russell Hobbs washing machines may not be the best brand for you.
  • Some customers have trouble getting the legs in place and everything secured. They said that once they got help and the machine setup they were happy, but it took time.
  • These washing machines are actually made by Daewoo and sold under the Russell Hobbs name! This may not necessarily be a negative thing, but it is something to keep in mind.

So there you have it- that’s about all we could find to say negatively about these machines.


The overall consensus with Russell Hobbs’ washing machines is that they’re a good buy. They’re quiet, small, and clean the clothes very well. Some people said that these machines are the best they’ve ever had, which says a lot for the quality.

The main thing to keep in mind is that these machines are made by Daewoo. If you like the Daewoo brand or know other people that do, that should make your decision to go with one of these machines a bit easier.

Russell Hobbs RHWM612-M Washing Machine Review UK

Russell Hobbs RHWM612-M Washing Machine UK

The RHWM612-M is the energy efficient machine which has been rated highly for its performance. With the advancements in the washing machine the demand for it has increased greatly. This machine has great capacity of 6 KG which means that it can hold around 30 T-shirts in the single time.

The machine has 8 programs which are impressive and which make the washing an easy task. This is the classic device which is the best machine for using at home. It has a plain white color which can easily suit with the kitchen style and it also comes with the 8 different types of programs which makes it practical use for family.

This machine has 1200 spin capacity which means that most of the moisture is removed form the clothes in the machine itself. It proves to be beneficial in the rainy and winter seasons. It is the perfect machine for consistent cleaning and there is no cost to run this machine. This is the machine which has great temperature options and it has 6 Kg capacity which is suitable for families. It can easily wash 30 T-shirts at same time. So it is perfectly suitable for large families.


In terms of washing performance the machine has been rated “A”. The 8 programs in the machine help you to tailor the wash and you can perform them as per your specific laundry needs. The choosing of program is in your hands. It includes the quick and baby cycle. The quick wash is the ideal for small loads and quick washing. The machine comes with the safety lock which removes all the tensions and worries if there is child at your house.  It means that the child will not be able to open the washing machine on their own.

The machine comes with the overflow and foam protection and it also has the pause facility which allows stopping any cycle at any stage. It comes with 1 year warranty and you can also extend it by registering. This machine has covered all the areas and customer needs, which makes it a perfect and satisfactory device for all of us.

Russell Hobbs RH1042 5Kg Washing Machine Review UK

This Russell Hobbs washing machine is equipped with the 1000 spin speed per minute and an impressive A+ energy consumption rating. It has been given A for a washing performance, helping you to achieve perfect consistent cleaning at a reasonable price.

It comes with the 5 kg loading capacity; however it does not let you regulate the spin speed. It is perfect for the family use, as it can fit approximately around 25 cotton T-shirts at one wash.

Let’s take a look at some Russell Hobbs RH1042 5kg Washing Machine main features:

  • Maximum and set spin speed of 1000 rpm
  • Washing performance rated as an A
  • It comes only with a cold fill
  • Maximum capacity is set for 5kg
  • Dimensions are as follow: height 84.5 x width 59.7 x depth 49.7
  • It features 15 different washing programmes
  • Safety lock programme
  • Comes with an adjustable feet

This is a great washing machine that will last good years before you will replace it. The delivery of the product is very efficient and the ordered item came 3 days after placing the order. It is very simple to use and it fits all the clothes we tried so far. After the wash cloths seem to come out separately not all lumped together, which is a very good thing for those who do not really like to iron their clothes. We would definitely recommend this washing machine as it is worth its price.

LG Washing Machines Review UK

LG Washing Machines Review UK

This LG washing machines review will go over some of the best- and worst- features of this popular brand in the UK. The idea is that by knowing what to expect, you can make better decisions when you buy your next appliance.

Let’s start with a quick overview of LG.

LG sells all kinds of different products. They’re heavily involved in the mobile industry, and have been from the very beginning. They also sell some great TVs, including the world’s first curved OLED TV. LG sells speakers, monitors, freezers, vacuum cleaners, and more.

But you’re mainly interested in their washing machines, right? Right- so let’s get into the strengths of their machines.


  • LG washing machines clean your clothes- period! Some machines tend to basically just swirl the clothes around in circles without doing much good. But customers have loved that LG machines get the job done right.
  • Multiple program allow you to protect your clothes and make sure they still get clean. For example, a few program to choose from are sportswear, duvets, cotton, quick 30 minute washes, etc.
  • These machines tend to be pretty quiet. If you have a family or you live in an apartment or condo building, this is a must!
  • To save energy, some LG washing machines switch themselves off when the load is done washing. This isn’t a huge deal, but will save a bit of money over time on your electric bill.
  • Is reliability important to you? If you’re like most consumers, it definitely is. LG machines have a reputation for being very reliable and lasting a long time, so that’s always a good thing.
  • Customers seem to like the design of the machine. It doesn’t look extremely cool, but it isn’t exactly ugly either.
  • Finally, most LG machines hold more clothes than you’d expect. You’ll be surprised at how many fewer loads you have to do when your drum holds a lot of clothes!

Sounds pretty good, right? Well there are a few negative things to consider, but for the most part LG machines are great. To be fair though, are those cons:


  • Some customers have had lemons, where part of the machine broke after just a few months or years. This can be annoying, for example if the water valve breaks, your whole laundry room will get flooded.
  • These machines aren’t cheap. If you’re on a very tight budget, this may not be the brand for you. Alternatively we would recommend a cheap brand, which could be found here. Or you may want to save money for a little while longer before making a purchase.
  • Some people have complained about vibrations. Sometimes it’s the whole unit; other times its just one component such as the top panel.

Those are the main negatives we found regarding LG washing machines.


Overall, this LG review recommends this company’s washing machine line. They get the job done, they can hold a lot of clothes and they’re nice-looking machines. Just remember to buy your unit online. You can usually save quite a bit of money when you buy on the internet instead of a local retailer.

Social Impact Of Washing Machines Review UK

Social impact of Washing Machines

Nowadays in our laundries, lounge rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms there are wide range of machines and gadgets that assist in transforming economy. These gadgets big or small have a huge social impact on day to day life of almost everyone. Washing machines are one such gadget that has brought about huge change in life of everyone, especially women. It is one such gadget that allows women to go out and get involved in much productive activities instead of washing clothes. This machine has actually doubled workforce in highly advanced countries in addition to revolutionizing their economies. Masses are able to use washing machines because of innovations like electricity and piped water. They save huge amount of time which otherwise was spent on washing clothes on day to day basis. As per the current statistics, nearly seven billion individuals worldwide are using washing machines and this count is increasing rapidly. In developing countries like India, China, and Brazil, millions of people are using washing machine and it tops the shopping list of families that don’t have.

With advancement in technologies and competition among manufacturers, two primary variants of washing machines are available in market in different models. The first one is standard variant top- loaders and the other one is highly energy efficient front- loaders. Front loaders when compared to top loaders make less use of water, detergent, and energy as well as top choice of homeowners. You will come across highly efficient washers that use twenty to sixty percent of water, energy, and detergent out of total used by standard top- loader washers. They may take 20 to 110 minutes longer for washing the load and they are usually controlled by extra sensors. These washers adapt to needs of every load in wash cycle. These come with a wide range of cleaning options that are all sensor based.

It has been seen that front loaders make less use of water as compared to top-loaders when washing residential clothes. Front loaders use only 1/3rd to ½ of water used by top-loading machines. The next feature that has a great social impact of washing machines is their spin-dry ability. This is another time saving feature that has been introduced. With front-loaders you will get high spin speed of up to two-thousand PM which means clothes will dry faster. With higher spinning speed, residual water would be removed faster. It also reduced energy and time that will be needed by clothes for normal drying. Talking about abrasion and wear and tear, washing machines nowadays come with impeller or agitator mechanism that will force sufficient water via clothes and as a result clothes get cleaned effectively. These machines make use of paddles in drum to pick-up repeatedly as well as drop clothes for cleaning in water hence less wear caused. As washing machines nowadays are built using latest technology tools and techniques, they require lesser maintenance and are much reliable. They have automatic door-locking mechanism that saves a lot of time.

Samsung Washing Machines Reviews UK

Samsung Washing Machines Reviews UK

Samsung is one of the best- known electronics companies in the world. Some people love ‘em- others hate ‘em. And if you haven’t tried a Samsung product before, chances are you’ll fall into one of these two categories once you give them a shot.

This Samsung washing machine review was put together to help you compare Samsung’s machines to those of other brands. But before we can do that, let’s take a look at the company itself.


As mentioned earlier, Samsung sells a lot of different electronics. Their specialties right now are televisions, smartphones and tablets. They also sell computer equipment, notebooks, memory and consumer appliances.

Obviously you’re most interested in their consumer appliances, so let’s dive right into the pros of their machines.


  • Samsung washing machines have a lot of built-in features. They can customize your wash depending on what it is you’re washing. These programmes are great because they allow you to prevent damage to your clothes and machine, but still make sure the clothes get as clean as possible.
  • Delay timers are now built-in to many Samsung machines. This is nice if you are doing laundry in the morning, but don’t want to run the machine right away. You can simply delay it for a few hours, knowing that you won’t forget to run it once the family wakes up.
  • These machines are built to be very sturdy. Unlike some machines which just feel cheap, Samsung makes sure theirs are built out of quality materials.
  • Along with the last comment of being built well, these machines last a long time. Guarantees are 5 years, so the company has a lot of faith in their products. Some companies only have 2 year guarantees, so a 150% higher guarantee is very cool!
  • Customers are surprised with how well these machines clean clothes even with cool water. Some washing machines struggle to use eco washes, but Samsung seems to have gotten it right.
  • If you’re short on time, the 15 minute quick wash has proven to work pretty well.
  • We assume that you want a quiet washing machine, right? Samsung machines tend to be pretty quiet, especially considering the size of the machines.

Overall, Samsung washing machines seem to be among the best. But let’s take a quick look at the cons you might see with these machines.


  • Some people said that the washing cycles are too long. They didn’t like the short 15 minute wash, saying it’ didn’t clean their clothes very well unless a tiny amount of clothes were being washed.
  • Even though multiple programmes are available, they aren’t fully customizable. For example, you can only use the 1600rpm spin on the cotton wash, which takes a long time.
  • Finally, not all wash cycles seem to clean the clothes very well. It all depends on the machine, wash cycle, clothing, etc., but it’s still something to note.


Samsung washing machines typically make their customers happy, but not always. Keep in mind that you may get a lemon that just doesn’t do everything you’re hoping for.

That said- this Samsung review recommends these products. We believe that you’ll be very happy with your purchase, just like most users of these appliances.

Whirlpool Washing Machines Reviews UK

Whirlpool washing machines are among the most popular in the United States. They’re popular in the UK as well, but generally they have a bit more competition here.

This short Whirlpool review will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of their washing machines. The first thing to do though is to talk about the company as a whole.


As you may know, Whirlpool primary creates consumer appliances. They make washing machines, microwaves, ovens, coffee makers, refrigerators and more. They’re always trying out new designs and technology to make sure they stay ahead of the game.

Another thing is that because they don’t diversify as much as some other electronic companies, they do have a few advantages over their competition.

Let’s go over those advantages next.


  • Whirlpool washing machines are made to last. Most last over 7 years, and some can last up to 15 or 20 years. Of course some people might get lemons, but for the most part these units are extremely reliable.

  • Most of these machines are top loading. These are generally better for a few reasons. For one thing, top loaders require less floor space than a front loader. Another advantage is that you won’t have the mold and mildew problems that front loading machines can have. Finally, clothes tend to be less creased when they come out of a top loader washing machine.
  • Whirlpool washing machines tend to be pretty quiet. They aren’t always the quietest on the market, but you definitely won’t be buying a loud machine with this brand.
  • These units are a good price for what they’re able to do. Some washing machines, especially name-brand ones, are priced higher just because of the name. Whirlpool models are priced right.
  • Do you like having choices? Whirlpool washing machines give you multiple programmes to choose from. Whether you’re washing sportswear or you’re doing an environmentally-friendly wash, there’s a program for you.

From what we’ve seen, those are the best things about Whirlpool washers. Now let’s take a look at the downsides.


  • Some customers had problems with Whirlpools customer service. They said that they had to call an engineer out multiple times to fix problems, and each time it wouldn’t have an available time for 2-3 weeks! That’s a long time to go without a washing machine.
  • Another problem was that some customers’ machines broke regularly. It wasn’t necessarily always the same component, but it doesn’t matter. If the machine is breaking regularly AND you’re having trouble getting an engineer to come help, that gets frustrating.
  • Do you like being told when the laundry’s done? Some machines have that feature, such as a buzz or tune that plays when the load is done. Unfortunately not all Whirlpool models have that, so you have to keep checking on it to see if it’s done or not.


Overall, this Whirlpool review does recommend these machines. Most customers seem very satisfied with their machine, even though some customers do have bad experiences. Keep in mind that this will happen with all brands, because no person or company can be perfect.

White Knight WM105VB Washing Machine Black Review UK

White Knight WM105VB Washing Machine Black UK Review

This White Knight WM105VB washing machine will defiantly not complicate your life while using it. To compare with other hard to use washing machines with hundreds of different features, this one will wash your dirty clothes in a blink of an eye. It is very easy to operate and it does not look like an aircraft cockpit. In comparison with other washing machines such as Samsung Eco-Bubble, which is made of good quality, however this model is a bit noisier when it spins.

White Knight it is not a very popular brand and not many people have used it before therefore it is possible to hesitate before the purchase. The thing is the most popular brands such as SamsungBeko or Panasonic are made of similar quality as the White Knight, however they are much more expensive.

Key features:

  • Spin Speed – up to 1000rpm
  • Capacity –up to 5 kilograms
  • Rate – A
  • It has the adjustable legs
  • Equipped with an Automatic Detergent Dispense

After testing the washing machine we have discovered that it is extremely quiet while running, even when it is spinning, so it is possible to run the washing machine during the night and it will not disturb your sleep, or upset the neighbors. As mention before it is much quieter than the Samsung Eco-bubble model and it has much neater design, it does not sand out in the room from other kitchen appliances, it fits ideally beneath the kitchen cabinets.

One you order this machine from Amazon though our website, most likely you will have to install it yourself. However do not worry as the manual that come with the washing machine is very straight forward and it will explain you how to do it. Remember that when you start to connect the machine the house’s water main is turned off first, so will not have to worry that you might have flooded the place. Honestly the entire processes should not take longer than one hour if follow instructions correctly.

To sum up this a great washing machine with not a very complicated design perfectly made for you kitchen.

Hoover DXC58BC3 Washing Machine Review


Importance of washing machine

Washing machine has become an important part of any house. A washing machine is the one which simplifies a lot of work of yours and your family. Washing machines work on its own and the clothes get cleaned even better than they would be washed by hands. With the demand of washing machines, new inventions are being done in the device. New types of washing machine are being developed and they are developed such that the maximum work is done by machine and human interaction is least needed. This DXC58BC3 is the sleek and black colored washing machine.

Main features of the Hoover machine

This is the washing machine which is black and chrome colored with a sleek design. It is the machine from the Hoover appliances and it contains all the features and benefits which can satisfy the needs of the large family. It is available at very low price. The washing machine has the 8 kg drum which means that the machine can occupy huge number of clothes. The drum has the large porthole which has an opening for the loading and unloading of the clothes. The machine contains number of handy programs which makes it easy to it.

The multitude of programs is in hand and the wash cycle is much more intensive as compared to other machines. It is easily able to wash the stained clothes even the dirtiest ones can also be easily removed in this machine. The drum moves with the 1500 rpm speed which means that the clothes will come out with least amount of moisture and it improves the drying process. This is the beneficial thing on the rainy days. The energy consumption of the machine is 252 kWh and it is rated good for that. The machine comes with the 10 years parts guarantee and 1 year labor guarantee.

As per the reviews of customer this washing machine has great benefits and no problems have been found till now. So it is the recommended washing machine especially for large families. Get you work done at lowest cost and with the latest technology.

Bush Washing Machine UK Reviews

Bush Washing Machine UK

For those who are in search of a good quality, yet affordable washing machine, buying a Bush washing machine might be the right choice. Bush has been making numerous home appliances for decades now, and their appliances are found all over the UK.

Bush washing machines can come in various colors, styles and sizes, which will let you find the right one for your needs quite easily. The machines are available in white, silver and black.

You can get a washing machine with the drum size that suits you best. The smaller models of Bush washing machine have a 6 kg drum, which can let you wash up to 30 shirts and or one large duvet. Of course, Bush offers machines with larger drum sizes of 7 or 9 kg if you plan on washing larger loads on a regular basis.

One of the most popular appliances right now is the Bush A1447CR6 Black Washing Machine. It is a front loader with a 6 kg capacity and a very fast 1400 rpm spin speed. Furthermore, this machine has received an A grade for energy efficiency, making it one of the most energy efficient models on the market today. Unlike some of the cheaper machines, it also features a delayed start option, which lets you delay the beginning of the washing cycle for up to 23 hours. This is great if you want to take advantage of lower, off-peak energy rates. It has 15 programmers adapted to washing different kinds of loads, such as woolen items, duvets or sports wear. If you sometimes use your washer for just a few items, this Bush washing machine has a 15 minute quick wash option too.

The reason why this model is so popular is that it is not only affordable, but has also received good ratings from people that have bought it. As you shop online for an appliance, it is always a very good idea to go through Bush washing machine reviews before you make a decision. While Bush machines are all of good quality, there are some comments by other purchasers which can help steer your decision as to which model you need. Remember that a washing machine that may be perfect for someone that only washes a few items once a week may not always be the best one for a family of four that uses it practically every day. The reviews will give you some more information about the machine’s performance, ease of use, ease of installation, as well as the noise levels that you wouldn’t get simply by reading its description on the sales page.

If you purchase a washing machine online, some retailers offer you additional options that could be quite helpful. For example, some will deliver the appliance and take care of taking away your old machine so that it can be recycled properly. For some machine models, you can purchase an extended warranty that is longer than the standard warranty offered by the manufacturer. If you would like to see another brands and compare futures visit our comparison table.