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In this short Bosch washing machine review, we’ll go over how well these machines perform overall. You might be surprised to see our final recommendations!

The first thing we want to cover is a little background about Bosch.

Bosch in the UK

Bosch makes a number of different products. They offer consumer products such as power tools and household appliances (including washing machines). Bosch also has a very large automotive division, making parts and tools for autos. They also sell industrial, energy and building technology products to the commercial sector.

Obviously you’re most interested in their consumer goods, so let’s move on to the pros and cons of Bosch washing machines.


  • Bosch washing machines are known for being very easy to use. Even though they have a lot of features to choose from, it’s not difficult to find the one you’re looking for quickly.
  • These machines also run pretty quietly. Most modern washing machines have improved a lot on sound ratings over the years, but there are still a few that are pretty loud. Bosch machines aren’t among them though.
  • Have you ever had a washing machine that just didn’t get stuff clean? Many just don’t get the job done, no matter how long you put your clothes in there. Bosch machines, on the other hand, are very efficient. They clean clothes quickly and thoroughly, even if it’s a big load or contains pretty dirty stuff.
  • Many customers like the simple things on Bosch machines, like the digital countdown timers. This might sound a bit silly, but think about it. Compared to most washing machines that use an inaccurate dial, it’s nice to see exactly how long you have left.
  • Multiple programmers is the name of the game these days. Top-quality washing machines don’t just have one programmed to choose from. Instead they offer a wide variety such as rinse-and-hold, eco wash, delicates and quick wash. This lets you choose whichever one best fits your needs for the current situation.
  • Finally, Bosch washing machines have larger drums than they look from the outside. This lets you get more clothes into the machine, which cuts down on the number of loads you need to do.
  • Customers occasionally get a machine that breaks down within the first few weeks or months. For example, one Bosch customer said that the machine’s motherboard broke within 4 months. Customer service said it’d take a week to get the part, but another month before they could send out the engineer to fix it.
  • Bosch machines aren’t the cheapest- not by a long shot. Many people believe that Bosch overprices its products by £200 or more. Even though there will always be people willing to pay that larger price for a quality machine, for many people it’s a deterrent.


Bosch machines, just like most other energy-efficient washing machines- aren’t extremely fast. You can use the “quick wash” if you’re short on time, but for a thorough wash, expect to be waiting up to 3 hours.


This Bosch review has one clear recommendation- buy a Bosch. This brand’s washing machine line seems to be the best on the market right now in the UK. Even though there are some other good brands out there, Bosch seems to stand higher than the rest in terms of reliability and effectiveness.

Importance of Spin Speed in Washing Machines UK

Importance of Spin Speed in Washing Machines UK

Washing machines are the systems used for to wash laundry like sheets and clothing. This term is more often applied to machines in opposition to the dry cleaning or ultrasonic cleanersChoosing the washing machine is often a task, in case you need to pay hundreds more for that high speed. Most of these machines have big spin speeds, which range between 1000 RPM to 1600 RPM. The drum of the machine rotates many times in one minute. The faster it spins; the more water is collected from the clothes. In this way, the clothes would get dried, when taken out of the washing machine.

Mostly, the washing machines adjust the spin speed and are dependent on the type of wash. The major advantage of having the higher spin speed is that the clothes would get less time for drying and will not require the tumble dryer for this purpose.

Higher spin speeds remove much water, thus leading to quick drying. In case, a higher cloth drier is used after the spin and the wash, the usage of energy is much reduced if water is removed from the clothes. Faster spinning creases the clothes. Mechanical wear -tear on bearings increase very rapidly with the rotational speed, thus reducing life. Early machines spin at around 300 RPM due to lack of any mechanical suspension, which often shakes and vibrates.

Normally the front loading machines spun around 700 RPM or even less. Separate driers are accessible for certain specialized applications. For example, a high speed centrifuge machine is provided in the locker rooms of swimming pools to facilitate wet swimming suits drying after daily usage.

Buying the washing machine can be very straight once the customers have actually finalized the budget. To put it, in some other words, spending money is much better for getting cheaper running costs and saving the lifetime of the machine.

The speed of spinning tells the manner, in which the spinning of drum occurs in one minute. The clothes would get dried up soon, depending upon the speed of spinning. The reviews of these machines would explain the procedure in which the dry washing is done, when this washing cycle had completed.

You can even take the spinning tests to actually find out the perfect optimum. The best spinning speed is 1100 to 1200 RPM. It is however obvious, that if the spinning speed of the machine is 1800 RPM, it can extract more water from the laundry. But customers can even take a small spinning speed test. They can perceive the major difference between the spinning of the towels at various speeds along with the major difference during drying times.

Sophisticated tests have actually been carried out several times to reveal the exact amount of moisture, which is removed by various spinning speeds. The tests of spinning actually revealed that the towel spun at around 800 RPM and were wet and dry, but not a single drop of water could be extracted with the strong wringing through the hands. But the towel spun at around 800 RPM needed another 10 minutes.

How To Fix A Washing Machine UK

How To Fix A Washing Machine UK

Technology and machinery has made our work very easy. With modern machines and technology it just takes few minutes to complete the job and that too with considerably reduced efforts. Modern machines like washing machine, vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, microwave, refrigerators, mixers etc have made our work very easy and convenient. But these machines too fall ill and need treatments. Washing machine is one of the most frequently used domestic appliances. The machinery which is regularly used suffers the maximum risk of wear and tear and needs to be fixed up frequently. But if one has little and basic knowledge about how to fix your washing machine without taking any outside technical support, then one can have pleasure using his machine.

Here are some of the common faults encountered in our washing machines and their possible remedies in the simplest way are also discussed. By following them one can have trouble free washing. At first instance it may sound a little complicated to repair the washing machine all by yourself but it is not that complicated and difficult as it sounds to be. Your washing machine which washes your clothes in few minutes is not just a tub full which spins, drains and washes clothes but it involves many other different parts which makes it function properly. It consists of water inlet valve for cold and hot water, motor, temperature controller, water level control unit, a timer, wash cycle selector, a large belt which rotates the wash tub, drain line and lots more. The washing machine is basically of two types, front load and top load. The agitator runs the tub in the top load type while in front loaded machines, the whole tub rotates.

To troubleshoot any problem, the basic lies in the root of the problem. This means first observe and find out the affected area and what problem does the machine have. If water is not coming in the tub then look for the inlet valve and fix it if it suffers any problem. Spinning problem is the most common trouble faced by most washing machines. In case your wash tub does not spin then reduce the load as this may be perhaps because of the overloading of clothes or filling less water than the desired level. The possible problem may be with the motor, belt and washer, usually belt slips from its position and the tub stops rotating. Sometimes water does not drain out this may be because of the drain pump or pipe.

Leakage in the tub invites various other troubles like your machine will stop taking load and may also damage the motor or other parts because of leakage. But at the end no repair guidance can replace technical help and advice hence never feel shy in seeking any. In fact when you do not have enough knowledge and confidence then never poke your nose into something which you don’t know. This may worsen the situation.

Washing Machine Fast Wash Option Guide UK

Washing Machine Fast Wash Option Guide UK

Washing machine with fast wash option is preferred these days since no one has the time to spare for washing of clothes. Washing, spinning and rinsing options are timed so perfectly in latest models of machines that owners of such machines get quick results in washing. Though, these machines are costly initially, yet worth purchasing because of utility and efficient power efficiency in the long run.

Economy and performance does not exist together. Good wash performance and speed requires huge energy costs. It is also a fact that users want to purchase an ‘A’ grade energy efficient washing machine because of lesser energy bills and also to have better environment. For improving energy efficiency of the machine, water use is reduced resulting in consumption of lower energy in heating smaller amount of water. This action may result in washing for more time with lesser water. So energy efficient machines with slower wash times came into existence.

On complaint of long wash time, machines introduced fast wash options. In this option, machine has 15, 20, 30 minute wash time with reduced rinses and spins. But with lesser wash time you can wash lesser load of clothes. You get laundry which is wet, rumbled a little and very little spun in such washing machines. It doesn’t washes stains, skin grease, skin flakes completely. Moreover with normal detergent quantity, it will not rinse completely and leave residues in machine as well on clothes. Residues in machines may develop bacteria.

Fast wash claiming machines are unable to explain washing process as 2 to 4 minutes are taken up in developing water pressure, drain takes 2 minutes, spinning 6 to 10 minutes, heating to 40 degree centigrade requires 10 minutes, so no time is left for washing. So proper washing in “Fast Option” is impossible.

The best type of “Fast Wash” can be achieved at 40 degree C for cotton clothes otherwise manufacturers are misguiding the people. Even then the manufacturers like Bosch, IFB, Godrej, Samsung, Videocon, Whirlpool etc are in queue to deliver latest models in market for automatic, semiautomatic and dryer washing machines. The capacity range is also very wide from 3 to more than 7 Kilograms load.

Both front loaded and top loaded models are in the market. Almost all the controls are electronic and spin speeds vary from 400 R.P.M. to more than 1000 R.P.M. These machines are designed for pulsator, agitator, tumble and pugilator working. These are quite expensive with increase of modern features facilitating the fast washing, as much as possible.

Go to Appliance Stores or search your choice on reputed online shops to avoid mishandlings in payments. Prefer those washing machines which fulfill your requirements and provide support even after the purchase. Location of authorized service centers should be nearby your residence to cut breakdown time.

Inference may be drawn, “Fast Wash” option in washing machines is manufacturers’ claim which cannot be established totally in practice because of so many actions, not possible to complete in short time, involved in washing.

How To Clean Washing Machine Complete Guide UK

It is essential for us to take care of our appliances for their smooth functioning and longer life. When talking about complex machines like washing machine it is essential to know about the correct way to clean them. Regular cleaning of washing machine keeps it stain and odor free. If you think how to clean a washing machine then you must follow some common tips and simple procedures. There are so many cleaning agents in your kitchen that can be used for cleaning the washing machine without causing it any damage.

There are different procedures for cleaning front and top loading washing machines. Many of the latest front loading washing machines have in-built systems that help the machine in remaining clean. However you must follow some simple cleaning regimes for enhancing the performance of your machine and for making it work perfectly for years to come. For front loading machines you must fill them with warm water and drain the machine after 15 minutes. You can add bleaching powder for removing stains inside the machine. The rubber seal needs to be cleaned manually with towel or a brush that can remove the deposits of soil and water. These deposits lead to growth of moulds. Cleaning of the rubber seal is one of the important aspects of cleaning of washing machine.

When you know how to clean a washing machine you realize that cleaning of dispenser is also very important. Detergents get deposited in the dispenser and this is why it should be cleaned regularly. If the stains are very tough then you can use vinegar and water solution to clean them. The methods of cleaning a top loading machine are quite similar and the differences lie in the make and model of different machine. Cleaning top loading machines is much easier and convenient. Apart from cleaning the machine, it is essential to make sure that the machine is dried up properly after every use. This keeps the internal parts of the machine less prone to rusting and reduces the chances of deposits of dirt.

Using the machine with little care reduces the need for too much cleaning and maintenance cost. If you use the machine carefully then you just need to clean the machine thoroughly once in a month. Instead, using paper towels for cleaning the internal parts of the machine is not preferable. Cloth towels that are used in kitchens are perfect for cleaning and wiping the machines.

The best way to know about how to clean a washing machine is to refer to its user manual because that would have instructions and care guide specific to the model of your machine.

Efficiency And The Energy Usage In Washing Machines

Efficiency and the energy usage in washing machines UK

Clothes require regular washing but how they will be washed can save lot of time as well as money. Right from the time when first high-efficiency machines were launched in the market, washing machine manufacturers are struggling towards offering highly efficient washing machines to their customers. Efficiency of the washing machine means the amount of energy that it uses for its operation. Machines that are using minimum energy are considered highly efficient. Generally front-loading washers are considered most efficient because they reduce usage of water between 40% and 60% and their energy usage is between fifty and sixty percent per load. Energy Star ratings are provided by National Geographic Green guide. While shopping for new machines one must look for their energy star label. Energy star label present on machines help you know what percent of efficiency does the machine offers when compared to standard washers. Always go for high efficiency washers as they save more energy and water hence your money.

Front loaders are more efficient when compared to top-loaders. There are several options available in the market to select from. Prior to purchasing highly efficient washing machines, you need to know what your requirements are. Different efficiency machines make use of different kinds of detergents. Further, highly efficient detergents will differ from the regular ones because of their concentration. Making use of standard detergents for highly efficient machines would not give desired results rather you’ll get too many bubbles. Moreover, they’ll leave your clothes soapy and require more water for cleaning.

Usually efficient washing machines will last for 10 years or even more hence their energy usage should be checked while purchasing. Washing machines generally are rated for water efficiency as well as for energy efficiency. This information will be provided by manufacturers. When purchasing washing machine, look for those having wash cycle with cold water. Most people prefer cold wash as compared to hot wash as it can reduce energy usage of washing machine by a maximum of 80 percent. Selecting a washer that offers both cold and hot water washing will be good so that you can select the option that you want. It means washing machine would import hot water from water heater instead of heating within it. Such machines are much cost-effective especially when users have off-peak, solar, or gas water heater.

Search for models having load sensing technology as you can adjust amount of water that they’ll be using so as to suit load size of yours. Models having features like delay start function or programmable timer is good one as they allow users to run their machines at cheaper and off-peak rates. It is good comparing different washing machines models so as to know their star ratings and choose the best option. Here you must consider their energy consumption numbers provided in boxes in the middle of the labels. These labels also provide annual energy usage of your machines when it is used per day at least once on standard warm wash cycle. Buyers must check water efficiency of their washing machines as well and go with the one that uses minimum water and gives maximum results.

Buying A Second Hand Washing Machine UK

A washing machine is a necessary part of a family because of fast cleaning action required in well engaged schedule of routine activities. Those who cannot afford monetarily, purchase a second hand washing machine directly from the present owners or through online shops offering them in lucrative prices. While purchasing a second hand washing machine follows certain precautions so that the deal is economically viable.

Examine history of its operation. Spin the drum manually. There should be no unusual noise. It should not rock back and forth.  Turn on the old machine, ensure successful completion of washing cycle including spinning and rinsing. Check wash cycle timer, it should be O.K. There should not be any leakage of water from the body, door or water tube connections. Check water seal of connections.

There should not be any rust inside the drum otherwise cloths inside it may catch it. Instead of brand, check the model reliability because sometimes even good brands introduce faulty models in the market. Choose cold fill models as these are cheap and also good for environment. A very important factor in purchase of second hand washing machines is that it should serve the family purpose. Load size for family, types of cycles, spin speeds, suitability to available space and affordability are worth considerations while purchasing a washing machine.

Check the workability of knobs, switches, lights and buttons. Go for those used machines which are of good grading as these will be with efficient features like time savers, wash cycles etc. Always buy the machine from a trusted online shop or appliance store. Try to buy from a person whom you know and from solo owners. Also know the reasons of sale, either poor running or updating for more efficient features.

Apart from the Appliance Stores and individuals, the best source to purchase used washing machines is through online shops. Large number of websites is in this business which facilitates used washer owners to have deals with purchasers by displaying their products on their websites. With price tag and negotiations, a better option can be purchased at affordable price.

Washing machines are warranted mostly for three years. After this period, their maintenance becomes uneconomical. Being old, its parts may wear out, giving poor efficiency in operation. It results in more energy bills. So buying used machines can be quite riskier. Even new machines come under breakdown very quickly after purchase because of use of poor quality materials in manufacturing to reduce initial cost, so there is no reliability of successful running of used machines with economical considerations.

Consider options, new one and used one when you decide to purchase or replace the existing washing machine. If you will evaluate them on their performance, efficiency, warranty and economy, you will find an option to buy a new washing machine is more viable economically as compared to used one. Your budget compulsions may not allow you to purchase a new washing machine but ultimately in the long run a new one is always worth preference.