Efficiency And The Energy Usage In Washing Machines

Clothes require regular washing but how they will be washed can save lot of time as well as money. Right from the time when first high-efficiency machines were launched in the market, washing machine manufacturers are struggling towards offering highly efficient washing machines to their customers. Efficiency of the washing machine means the amount of energy that it uses for its operation. Machines that are using minimum energy are considered highly efficient. Generally front-loading washers are considered most efficient because they reduce usage of water between 40% and 60% and their energy usage is between fifty and sixty percent per load. Energy Star ratings are provided by National Geographic Green guide. While shopping for new machines one must look for their energy star label. Energy star label present on machines help you know what percent of efficiency does the machine offers when compared to standard washers. Always go for high efficiency washers as they save more energy and water hence your money.

Front loaders are more efficient when compared to top-loaders. There are several options available in the market to select from. Prior to purchasing highly efficient washing machines, you need to know what your requirements are. Different efficiency machines make use of different kinds of detergents. Further, highly efficient detergents will differ from the regular ones because of their concentration. Making use of standard detergents for highly efficient machines would not give desired results rather you’ll get too many bubbles. Moreover, they’ll leave your clothes soapy and require more water for cleaning.

Usually efficient washing machines will last for 10 years or even more hence their energy usage should be checked while purchasing. Washing machines generally are rated for water efficiency as well as for energy efficiency. This information will be provided by manufacturers. When purchasing washing machine, look for those having wash cycle with cold water. Most people prefer cold wash as compared to hot wash as it can reduce energy usage of washing machine by a maximum of 80 percent. Selecting a washer that offers both cold and hot water washing will be good so that you can select the option that you want. It means washing machine would import hot water from water heater instead of heating within it. Such machines are much cost-effective especially when users have off-peak, solar, or gas water heater.

Search for models having load sensing technology as you can adjust amount of water that they’ll be using so as to suit load size of yours. Models having features like delay start function or programmable timer is good one as they allow users to run their machines at cheaper and off-peak rates. It is good comparing different washing machines models so as to know their star ratings and choose the best option. Here you must consider their energy consumption numbers provided in boxes in the middle of the labels. These labels also provide annual energy usage of your machines when it is used per day at least once on standard warm wash cycle. Buyers must check water efficiency of their washing machines as well and go with the one that uses minimum water and gives maximum results.