How To Clean Washing Machine Complete Guide UK

It is essential for us to take care of our appliances for their smooth functioning and longer life. When talking about complex machines like washing machine it is essential to know about the correct way to clean them. Regular cleaning of washing machine keeps it stain and odor free. If you think how to clean a washing machine then you must follow some common tips and simple procedures. There are so many cleaning agents in your kitchen that can be used for cleaning the washing machine without causing it any damage.

There are different procedures for cleaning front and top loading washing machines. Many of the latest front loading washing machines have in-built systems that help the machine in remaining clean. However you must follow some simple cleaning regimes for enhancing the performance of your machine and for making it work perfectly for years to come. For front loading machines you must fill them with warm water and drain the machine after 15 minutes. You can add bleaching powder for removing stains inside the machine. The rubber seal needs to be cleaned manually with towel or a brush that can remove the deposits of soil and water. These deposits lead to growth of moulds. Cleaning of the rubber seal is one of the important aspects of cleaning of washing machine.

When you know how to clean a washing machine you realize that cleaning of dispenser is also very important. Detergents get deposited in the dispenser and this is why it should be cleaned regularly. If the stains are very tough then you can use vinegar and water solution to clean them. The methods of cleaning a top loading machine are quite similar and the differences lie in the make and model of different machine. Cleaning top loading machines is much easier and convenient. Apart from cleaning the machine, it is essential to make sure that the machine is dried up properly after every use. This keeps the internal parts of the machine less prone to rusting and reduces the chances of deposits of dirt.

Using the machine with little care reduces the need for too much cleaning and maintenance cost. If you use the machine carefully then you just need to clean the machine thoroughly once in a month. Instead, using paper towels for cleaning the internal parts of the machine is not preferable. Cloth towels that are used in kitchens are perfect for cleaning and wiping the machines.

The best way to know about how to clean a washing machine is to refer to its user manual because that would have instructions and care guide specific to the model of your machine.