LG Washing Machines Review UK

This LG washing machines review will go over some of the best- and worst- features of this popular brand in the UK. The idea is that by knowing what to expect, you can make better decisions when you buy your next appliance.

Let’s start with a quick overview of LG.

LG sells all kinds of different products. They’re heavily involved in the mobile industry, and have been from the very beginning. They also sell some great TVs, including the world’s first curved OLED TV. LG sells speakers, monitors, freezers, vacuum cleaners, and more.

But you’re mainly interested in their washing machines, right? Right- so let’s get into the strengths of their machines.


  • LG washing machines clean your clothes- period! Some machines tend to basically just swirl the clothes around in circles without doing much good. But customers have loved that LG machines get the job done right.
  • Multiple program allow you to protect your clothes and make sure they still get clean. For example, a few program to choose from are sportswear, duvets, cotton, quick 30 minute washes, etc.
  • These machines tend to be pretty quiet. If you have a family or you live in an apartment or condo building, this is a must!
  • To save energy, some LG washing machines switch themselves off when the load is done washing. This isn’t a huge deal, but will save a bit of money over time on your electric bill.
  • Is reliability important to you? If you’re like most consumers, it definitely is. LG machines have a reputation for being very reliable and lasting a long time, so that’s always a good thing.
  • Customers seem to like the design of the machine. It doesn’t look extremely cool, but it isn’t exactly ugly either.
  • Finally, most LG machines hold more clothes than you’d expect. You’ll be surprised at how many fewer loads you have to do when your drum holds a lot of clothes!

Sounds pretty good, right? Well there are a few negative things to consider, but for the most part LG machines are great. To be fair though, are those cons:


  • Some customers have had lemons, where part of the machine broke after just a few months or years. This can be annoying, for example if the water valve breaks, your whole laundry room will get flooded.
  • These machines aren’t cheap. If you’re on a very tight budget, this may not be the brand for you. Alternatively we would recommend a cheap brand, which could be found here. Or you may want to save money for a little while longer before making a purchase.
  • Some people have complained about vibrations. Sometimes it’s the whole unit; other times its just one component such as the top panel.

Those are the main negatives we found regarding LG washing machines.


Overall, this LG review recommends this company’s washing machine line. They get the job done, they can hold a lot of clothes and they’re nice-looking machines. Just remember to buy your unit online. You can usually save quite a bit of money when you buy on the internet instead of a local retailer.