Best Rotary Washing Line UK

Clothes that are washed must be dried out so that all the water rinses out and stands long with freshness. For these traditional rope lines are widely used which are tied either on terrace or inside the compound. But for these we need to have a plenty of space around. When compared the rotary wash lines hardly take space. They can be placed in any open area like the gardens or in portico.

So to all the kids out there, all the space is taken up on the wash day. Don’t worry! Here is a perfect solution which leaves you lot of space to play and enjoy no matter what. All the wash lines seem the same but there are subtle differences present. So you need to about each of the product in detail before you choose it. The main factor is the length. So let’s see some of the rotary washing lines Available in the market and choose the best one for you.

Top Rotary Washing Line

1. LIVIVO folding Rotary Washing line

The washing line from LIVIVO is highly stable and withstands heavy load. The whirligig has a mold, rust , weatherproof powder coated tubular frame. It enables 45m of line which is PVC coated. So don’t worry that the line gets rusted as in case of traditional lines. It is of light weight, easy to install, easy to use and moreover perfect worth for the money.

Easy to assemble

The ground socket and spike provided should be sunk in to the ground on a flat surface. This provides a sturdy base for the airier to open a top withstanding the heavy blows of winds.


The powder coating on the tubular steel frame protects it from the dust or molds to accumulate on the frame. The included cover can be used in case of over night exposures during the cold weather.

New Style Mechanism

The opening and closing can be done easily by retracting straight forward holding the soft grip handle, depressing the catch and closing it gently. The height can also be changed with 4 positions to choose from.


Length- 45 m

Opened diameter – 206cm

Line length- 146cm

Arm length-104 cm

Retracted height- 82 cm

Extends to maximum height-194 cm

The washing line is ideal to place in a open space and open it. It has a new mechanism where you can open and close it same as an umbrella. The installation can also be done easily with the ground socket and spike. It can be assembled and collapsed in short time without any efforts or strength.

The airer rotates at the neck providing equal chance for all the clothes to dry. If the clothes seem heavy the tension in lines can be shifted just by a rotation. This further helps you prevent the sagging. The product has high quality components and is highly stable to use.

Save space with the rotary washing line and get rid of your tumble drier. Get your clothes dried easily and quicker hanging outside on LIVIVO rotary washing line.

2. Addis Rotary Airer

The drying space is provided for about 50m. The frame is constructed with aluminum and steel making the airer strong and durable. The frame can be fixed into the ground with a strong base. With strong support and steel frame the line stands strong without moving. Its strong and sturdy with rust resistant. In precise it is the light weight aluminum.

The four arms are very well designed so that they don’t get entangled into a mess. You can easily install it in the ground and open it wider. Later wash your clothes and hang them to dry. It can rotated so that all the clothes get exposed to sunlight to dry faster. After you open it , there is even a lock which enables you to open it perfectly without any trouble.

Washing never looked so good. Try the Addis rotary washing line and watch your clothes dry faster and easier like never before.

3. Vileda Rotary dryer

The rotary drier offers 45m length of drying space. The frame is totally painted so that it stands strong and durable for a longer period. A plastic socket is available to install it on the ground. Later on the pole can be split ,locking all the arms wide spread. It is easy to use 3 position height adjustment so that the lines don’t get mixed up. The clothes up to 4 washes can be loaded easily.

Each arm holds a cloth hanger making it convenient to hang clothes. The dryer can be transported and assembled easily. So don’t get tired of the messy lines mixed up. Get the new Vileda dryer and spread your clothes individually. Watch them dry faster and easier.

4. Oypla light weight free standing rotary washing line

The product offers 14m drying space which stands ideal for medium sized house holds. The frame is coated with PVC making it strong and durable enough to withstand any type of weather. The set up is easy to assemble. Place the main shaft into the base and gently open the fold out. Be careful and ensure that the wires don’t get entangled.

It is light weight coated with aluminum. The portable frame consists of 4 arms all together and is well designed to be transported and assembled easily. A tripod stand is also provided with the frame so as to make it convenient to use it in any space for any ground.

Do you want to enjoy your time relaxing in the garden? Don’t worry! Wash the clothes in the machine and dry them out on Oypla rotary washing line. Use the tripod stand to get a sturdy base on the ground and leave them in sunlight.

5. Walgreen rotary washing line

The washing line offers drying space for 50m. The dryer arms are retractable with compact and robust design and construction. It is quite easy to install so that the arms can be spread out to dry and fold them back when not in use. Don’t worry that the arms drop down. They can easily be locked and unlocked for using and wrapping.

A socket is provided to install it in the ground. Unwrap the arms and dry the clothes on it. As soon as the clothes dry food it back and keep it aside. It just needs a little space to hold on. So if you are looking a washing line this is the ideal one for medium sized house holds.

6. Fineway Heavy duty Rotary washing line

The washing line offers 45m drying space for clothes. It works ideal for medium sized house holds standing for up to 4 washes. The pole is fully PVC coated and used with steel. It is easy to install and assemble. The airer with the pole is perfectly designed to stand heavy load and highly stable rugged design.

The airer has 4 arms together which are fully covered with protection so that they withstand for any temperature. There is a ground socket and spike provided to dig in the pole so that it can have a sturdy base. The rotary washing line saves more energy and space compared to a tumble dryer.

7. E bargains outdoor Rotary washing line

This is offered with a protection cover to withstand all weather conditions and is enabled with a ground spike. The installation is very easy and further can also be easily removed after using. It is light in weight and is very convenient to store. It can be placed anywhere indoor or outdoor.

All you need to do is to dig the ground spike in and ensure for a strong base. Later on unfold the arms and dry clothes on it. Remove it by folding together to store it aside.

8. Guaranteed 4 less garden rotary washing line

The line is offered with 50m drying space. It works ideal for all the house holds to use. The pole is designed with powder coated steel so that it doesn’t rust or corrode in any weather conditions. Install it by pushing the spike into the ground. Open up the arms and use it for drying clothes. Later on fold it together neatly.

Keep it away from the reach of children as it may hurt them. The frame is designed to withstand heavy loads so you can also dry cushions, rugs and bedsheets. The unit opens wide enough so that the clothes get enough space and exposure to dry.

This product is truly a eco-friendly one which can be used in the sunlight. It saves energy and space for all the houses.

9. Funky boys Heavy duty Rotary washing line

The frame is fully stable and designed with weatherproof coating. The line offers 60m drying space so it helps for all the families no matter how many people. This can be used for up to 4 washes and serves as major energy efficient. The pole withstands heavy load and works very strong. It is further easy to install, assemble and store back.

The pole is designed with metal cover protecting it in bad weather conditions. A ground socket is also provided with the pole. So it can be dug into the ground and can be used further. It’s smooth turning design enables you to provide equal chance for clothes to dry out. It is waterproof and highly durable for using. Lasts for long time for all the house holds. Use it properly and you can get your clothes easily dried.

The rotary washing line saves energy and space with low invest of money. So buy it and get your clothes easily dried.

10. Lubel Garden Rotary washing line

This rotary washing line stands ideal to use in all types of families and gardens in a small space. The frame offers 30, 40 and 50m drying space. It is easy to install with the ground spike and helps to have a sturdy base. The frame is designed with protective cover to withstand all weather conditions. It is water proof and rust resistant.

The line can be easily installed and removed by folding when not in use. As all other products this is also worth to buy for the money you spend. Get the washing line, dry your clothes and save energy as well space and money.

Have a good wash day without any trouble.

Coming to the best of all the products. Everything is perfect and works well according to it’s design. But when compared to the length, pole , frame, protection , quality and reviews the Guaranteed 4 less garden rotary washing line is the best choice to choose from.

Has 50m drying space suitable for all the households irrespective of the number of people. The pole is powder coated with steel and further withstands to any weather conditions. It is highly stable and durable lasting for a long time. Just open the spike, install it on the ground with flat surface and open up the arms. Wash and dry your clothes on it. Turn it according to the sunlight spread all over so that all the clothes dry properly.

It is a eco-friendly product to be used which has no plastic package or cover. You can not only put your clothes but also dry your cushions, rugs and bedsheets without any doubt. Save energy save space and save money. Know the perfect worth for your value.

Once again I remain you not all the washing lines stand same. There are some differences either in the length or quality or installation. So don’t hurry! Know your use, analyze the features and choose the perfect ideal one.

Enjoy your clothes with perfect brightness .And at last remember WASH DAY NEVER LOOKED BETTER SO FAR. To all the ladies out there , give up on using the ropes on your terrace. Don’t run to get your clothes if it rains. Just buy the rotary washing line and move it inside whenever it rains. And dry the clothes even under fan inside your home. But you don’t need to worry about drying them on your sofas or dining tables anymore.

Enjoy the Rotary washing lines.