Russell Hobbs RH1042 5Kg Washing Machine Review UK

This Russell Hobbs washing machine is equipped with the 1000 spin speed per minute and an impressive A+ energy consumption rating. It has been given A for a washing performance, helping you to achieve perfect consistent cleaning at a reasonable price.

It comes with the 5 kg loading capacity; however it does not let you regulate the spin speed. It is perfect for the family use, as it can fit approximately around 25 cotton T-shirts at one wash.

Let’s take a look at some Russell Hobbs RH1042 5kg Washing Machine main features:

  • Maximum and set spin speed of 1000 rpm
  • Washing performance rated as an A
  • It comes only with a cold fill
  • Maximum capacity is set for 5kg
  • Dimensions are as follow: height 84.5 x width 59.7 x depth 49.7
  • It features 15 different washing programmes
  • Safety lock programme
  • Comes with an adjustable feet

This is a great washing machine that will last good years before you will replace it. The delivery of the product is very efficient and the ordered item came 3 days after placing the order. It is very simple to use and it fits all the clothes we tried so far. After the wash cloths seem to come out separately not all lumped together, which is a very good thing for those who do not really like to iron their clothes. We would definitely recommend this washing machine as it is worth its price.