Russell Hobbs RHWM612-M Washing Machine Review UK

The RHWM612-M is the energy efficient machine which has been rated highly for its performance. With the advancements in the washing machine the demand for it has increased greatly. This machine has great capacity of 6 KG which means that it can hold around 30 T-shirts in the single time.

The machine has 8 programs which are impressive and which make the washing an easy task. This is the classic device which is the best machine for using at home. It has a plain white color which can easily suit with the kitchen style and it also comes with the 8 different types of programs which makes it practical use for family.

This machine has 1200 spin capacity which means that most of the moisture is removed form the clothes in the machine itself. It proves to be beneficial in the rainy and winter seasons. It is the perfect machine for consistent cleaning and there is no cost to run this machine. This is the machine which has great temperature options and it has 6 Kg capacity which is suitable for families. It can easily wash 30 T-shirts at same time. So it is perfectly suitable for large families.


In terms of washing performance the machine has been rated “A”. The 8 programs in the machine help you to tailor the wash and you can perform them as per your specific laundry needs. The choosing of program is in your hands. It includes the quick and baby cycle. The quick wash is the ideal for small loads and quick washing. The machine comes with the safety lock which removes all the tensions and worries if there is child at your house.  It means that the child will not be able to open the washing machine on their own.

The machine comes with the overflow and foam protection and it also has the pause facility which allows stopping any cycle at any stage. It comes with 1 year warranty and you can also extend it by registering. This machine has covered all the areas and customer needs, which makes it a perfect and satisfactory device for all of us.