Russell Hobbs RHWM612B-M Washing Machine Review UK

This well-known washing machine fits perfectly in any home. Its stylish design will adapt to any kitchen style, and it’s equipped with totally 8 different washing programs, which make it very practical to any family.

With its 1200 spinning speed and an impressive A+ for energy it strictly deserves an A rating for the washing performance.

Let’s take a look at this Russell Hobbs washing machine technical specification:

  • Maximum washing capacity: 6kg
  • Spinning performance: B
  • Maximum spin speed: 1200rpm
  • Cold fill
  • Washing performance: A

Dimensions of this specific model are as follow:

(H) 85 x (W) 59.5 x (D) 47 cm’s.

The product comes with 1 year free warranty with a possibility to extend it into 2 years upon the registration with Product Care via

Based on the feedback we received from the users, overall this is a great machine, it’s very quiet and the clothes come out clean with very little moisture due to decent wash spin. It has 8 different programs, depending on what your needs are you can choose a faster wash with a program such as “Baby wear” and it only takes 50 min to finish the cycle, and the cloths come out comparably well-washed. There is also cold wash option available and it takes around 18 minutes plus some time to spin to get the water out, so it’s another option available for you depending on your needs. The only trouble it might give is the time you have wait until everything is finished, but if you do 1 laundry a day this should not bother you at all. To sum up the price of around £200 it is definitely reasonable for this machine, and it is worth a try.