Samsung Washing Machines Reviews UK

Samsung is one of the best- known electronics companies in the world. Some people love ‘em- others hate ‘em. And if you haven’t tried a Samsung product before, chances are you’ll fall into one of these two categories once you give them a shot.

This Samsung washing machine review was put together to help you compare Samsung’s machines to those of other brands. But before we can do that, let’s take a look at the company itself.


As mentioned earlier, Samsung sells a lot of different electronics. Their specialties right now are televisions, smartphones and tablets. They also sell computer equipment, notebooks, memory and consumer appliances.

Obviously you’re most interested in their consumer appliances, so let’s dive right into the pros of their machines.


  • Samsung washing machines have a lot of built-in features. They can customize your wash depending on what it is you’re washing. These programmes are great because they allow you to prevent damage to your clothes and machine, but still make sure the clothes get as clean as possible.
  • Delay timers are now built-in to many Samsung machines. This is nice if you are doing laundry in the morning, but don’t want to run the machine right away. You can simply delay it for a few hours, knowing that you won’t forget to run it once the family wakes up.
  • These machines are built to be very sturdy. Unlike some machines which just feel cheap, Samsung makes sure theirs are built out of quality materials.
  • Along with the last comment of being built well, these machines last a long time. Guarantees are 5 years, so the company has a lot of faith in their products. Some companies only have 2 year guarantees, so a 150% higher guarantee is very cool!
  • Customers are surprised with how well these machines clean clothes even with cool water. Some washing machines struggle to use eco washes, but Samsung seems to have gotten it right.
  • If you’re short on time, the 15 minute quick wash has proven to work pretty well.
  • We assume that you want a quiet washing machine, right? Samsung machines tend to be pretty quiet, especially considering the size of the machines.

Overall, Samsung washing machines seem to be among the best. But let’s take a quick look at the cons you might see with these machines.


  • Some people said that the washing cycles are too long. They didn’t like the short 15 minute wash, saying it’ didn’t clean their clothes very well unless a tiny amount of clothes were being washed.
  • Even though multiple programmes are available, they aren’t fully customizable. For example, you can only use the 1600rpm spin on the cotton wash, which takes a long time.
  • Finally, not all wash cycles seem to clean the clothes very well. It all depends on the machine, wash cycle, clothing, etc., but it’s still something to note.


Samsung washing machines typically make their customers happy, but not always. Keep in mind that you may get a lemon that just doesn’t do everything you’re hoping for.

That said- this Samsung review recommends these products. We believe that you’ll be very happy with your purchase, just like most users of these appliances.