Testing Bosch Washing Machines

In this short Bosch washing machine review, we’ll go over how well these machines perform overall. You might be surprised to see our final recommendations!

The first thing we want to cover is a little background about Bosch.

Bosch in the UK

Bosch makes a number of different products. They offer consumer products such as power tools and household appliances (including washing machines). Bosch also has a very large automotive division, making parts and tools for autos. They also sell industrial, energy and building technology products to the commercial sector.

Obviously you’re most interested in their consumer goods, so let’s move on to the pros and cons of Bosch washing machines.


  • Bosch washing machines are known for being very easy to use. Even though they have a lot of features to choose from, it’s not difficult to find the one you’re looking for quickly.
  • These machines also run pretty quietly. Most modern washing machines have improved a lot on sound ratings over the years, but there are still a few that are pretty loud. Bosch machines aren’t among them though.
  • Have you ever had a washing machine that just didn’t get stuff clean? Many just don’t get the job done, no matter how long you put your clothes in there. Bosch machines, on the other hand, are very efficient. They clean clothes quickly and thoroughly, even if it’s a big load or contains pretty dirty stuff.
  • Many customers like the simple things on Bosch machines, like the digital countdown timers. This might sound a bit silly, but think about it. Compared to most washing machines that use an inaccurate dial, it’s nice to see exactly how long you have left.
  • Multiple programmers is the name of the game these days. Top-quality washing machines don’t just have one programmed to choose from. Instead they offer a wide variety such as rinse-and-hold, eco wash, delicates and quick wash. This lets you choose whichever one best fits your needs for the current situation.
  • Finally, Bosch washing machines have larger drums than they look from the outside. This lets you get more clothes into the machine, which cuts down on the number of loads you need to do.
  • Customers occasionally get a machine that breaks down within the first few weeks or months. For example, one Bosch customer said that the machine’s motherboard broke within 4 months. Customer service said it’d take a week to get the part, but another month before they could send out the engineer to fix it.
  • Bosch machines aren’t the cheapest- not by a long shot. Many people believe that Bosch overprices its products by £200 or more. Even though there will always be people willing to pay that larger price for a quality machine, for many people it’s a deterrent.


Bosch machines, just like most other energy-efficient washing machines- aren’t extremely fast. You can use the “quick wash” if you’re short on time, but for a thorough wash, expect to be waiting up to 3 hours.


This Bosch review has one clear recommendation- buy a Bosch. This brand’s washing machine line seems to be the best on the market right now in the UK. Even though there are some other good brands out there, Bosch seems to stand higher than the rest in terms of reliability and effectiveness.