Best Top Loading Washing Machine UK Reviews 2020

While there are thousands of different makes and models of washing machines in the world, there are two basic kinds of machines that we can find in our homes today: the top loading washing machine and the front loader.

Front loading machines let you load your clothes along a horizontal axis. This is the type of machine that is the most frequently found in the UK and most other European countries. The top loader allows for clothes to be loaded through the top of the machine, and the washing action is done on a vertical axis. This type of machine is mostly found in the American continent (Canada, USA and most Latin American countries) plus some other parts of the world like Australia and New Zealand.

Top Loading Washing Machine Reviews

But as you search for your next washing appliance, you may be wondering whether top loading washing machines could be better than the standard front loader found in most UK homes. Even though they represent just around 10% of the washing machine market share in Europe, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t of good quality or don’t do a good job washing clothes. In fact they can perform just as well as a front loader, which is one of the reasons why their popularity is growing in markets that were traditionally dominated by front loading machines.

Top loading washing machines are, as a general rule, less expensive to acquire. For those who are on a budget and need a new appliance, the top loader would be their natural choice. With regards to reliability, you may be surprised that top loaders are less prone to problems and breakdowns. Their mechanical components are slightly less prone to failure and wear, plus their design lets them avoid some common issues that front-load machines have. In fact, there are some people who have had the same top-load machine for over three decades and it is still performing just fine without needing any professional maintenance. A front-load could have issues with mold growing near the door mechanism as it is constantly exposed to water. There is also a possibility of water leakage if the seal around the door is worn or broken.

Fixing a broken door on a front-load machine is often expensive, but as the hinged door on top loading washing machines basically serves just as a cover and isn’t constantly exposed to water, it is very easy to fix and usually involves just replacing one of the hinges. If anything else breaks on it, repairs that require a professional technician are usually less expensive with a top-loader.

Despite the fact that they are much more affordable and usually much smallertop loading washing machines aren’t all built “cheap.” Your model choices will range from a very basic budget model to a luxury one with all the bells and whistles like electronic controls and a color LCD screen. Thus, no matter what your budget is, you will have a wide variety of makes and models to select from if you’re in the market for a top loader.

Top 11 Top Loading washing machine reviews

1. ThinkGizmos Portable Twin Tub Washer Machine with Wash and Spin Cycle 

The ThinkGizmos TG23 portable washing machine is suitable for someone who wants a washing machine but does not have a full-size machine capacity. This twin tub washing machine has a washing tub and a spin tub with 3.6 kg and a spin capacity of 2kg. Each tub has its different timers having various wash modes for the washtub. The portable washing machine’s compact and lightweight nature makes it suitable for areas where space is limited, such as camping or in a caravan. Plumbing is not needed; everything required is the accessibility to a power source, water, detergent, and a drain area.

It’s the ease of use ensures that you can have fresh clothes in no time at all. All you should do is fill the water and detergent in the washtub, add clothes and wash for the time needed, then switch to spin and rinse the spin tub. The washing cycle can run up to 15 minutes on a gentle or regular wash, and the spin cycle can run up to 5 minutes, which ensures that the clothes can be cleaned for the appropriate time. The package includes the washing machine and a water-filled pipe, drain tube, and a manual.


  • The Compact and lightweight design
  • Easy and fast use of controls


  • Noisy

2. Klarstein Bubble Boost Washing Machine

The Klarstein Washing Machine is a portable washer for easy transportation with a size of 3.5kg. It is easy to use outside of familiar places with small dimensions that can be stored easily. The washing machine is built for single and student homes. It is easy to process much greater laundry loads with a wash efficiency of 3.5kg and a run efficiency of 1kg.

The portable washing machine from Klarstein is designed for use away from the standard locations, washing and spinning laundry simpler in areas of minimal rooms, such as when camping, traveling, or gardening. The fast running time of about ten minutes for the cleaning process and five minutes for the working process is beneficial. Hence, the versatile Klarstein washing machine provides quick and easy cleaning and running with no time loss.


  • Easy to use
  • Affordable


  • Less effective spin cycle

3. OneConcept Eco Wash-Pico-Washing Machine

The OneConcept Eco wash-Pico mini washing machine adds color into the grayness and restricts the laundry piles of singles and garden house owners or campers. The washing machine works smoothly and is easy to use as well. The EcoWash-Pico washing machine has 380 watts and is usable for both washing and spinning purposes. Generally, the spinning phase often significantly decreases the refill times of a washing load.

The wash time can be adjusted using the wash timer from 0 to 10 minutes and the spin timer from 0 to 3 minutes. The process is tranquil, and the OneConcept system is also waterproof according to IPX4 specifications. The excess water can be drained out from the machine after washing using a drain pipe. The lightweight mini washing machine in top-loader construction is suitable for handwashing areas where the only choice was cleaning previously.


  • Small and lightweight
  • Low Water Usage
  • Quiet


  • Pipes could be better

4. OneConcept Eco wash XL washing machine with 2 Adjustable programs 

The OneConcept Eco wash XL is a compact and lightweight washing machine at 4.2kg. This machine requires a minimal amount of space with dimensions of 33 x 64.5 x 73.5 cm. This freestanding washing machine has a wash capacity of 300W, along with a power spin of 110W. This Eco wash XL washing machine operates smoothly with two adjustable programs for washing sensitive and normal textiles and a timer for 15 minutes.

Its 3kg chamber is suitable for 4 or 5 pairs of jeans and a few t-shirts. This capacity can also be appropriate to wash a single sofa cover, and anything above can be complicated. It is easy to use due to its small size, and because you do not need to heat the water. The second drum is for spinning with a timer that goes up to 5 minutes. Hence, this washing machine is perfect if you want to go camping and wash and dry a few things quickly.


  • Easy to use
  • Quiet


  • Better quality of pipes

5. Costway 2 in 1 Portable Washing Machine

The Costway 2 in 1 is a design that many people enjoy for boats and caravans. This portable washing machine is small and lightweight for you to move it at home quickly. The honeycomb-shaped inner tub will load 4.5kg at one time and wash more clothes for you. The 4.5kg size is suitable for a few pairs of jeans, while a double sofa cover can be used during spinning instead of a large sofa cover, making it challenging to wash like all other mini washing machines. There are ten modes, eight water level options, and an LED display. It offers various washing and water level specifications allowing you to select the right wash mode to suit your needs. The LED panel indicates the cycle’s time and vibrates to let you know it’s over. It will also raise the volume of water automatically if it gets too low.

This machine has a smart imbalance modification feature that will start to change immediately. Also, the feet are flexible at the bottom to suit your needs. The automated timer indicates the preset time before washing under its delay feature. But this automatic timer will also display the wash time left as it passes. It allows you to select the correct level by pressing the water level/spin button. You should click the water level/spin button to add water while washing, and un-press prevents adding. The transparent and translucent lid helps you to watch the condition of the wash. If the top cover is open, the system ceases working and warns of an error. The child lock function will allow locking all the keys available in the machine. You can work with this machine quickly and conveniently with a clear and structured manual.


  • Easy to use LED controls
  • Automatic Pump


  • Not so portable as other models

6. Fitness club Portable Twin Tub Washing Machine 

The fitness club portable twin tub washing machine comes with an overall capacity of 7.6kg along with a wash capacity of 4.6kg and a spin cycle of 3kg. This compact and lightweight construction of the device makes it perfect for areas where space is limited and suitable for camping, caravans, dorms, college quarters, student flats, small accommodation, and other flexible settings. This twin tub washing machine is easy to travel and carry anywhere wherever you need to with dimensions of 60 x 36.5 x 70 cm. This compact semi-auto washing machine designed with a powerful 1300rpm engine, and a maximum frequency of 50 Hz, will save your time to clean clothes, with a twin tub dual-purpose configuration.

This portable washing machine will also help save your time by washing and spinning dry loads at the same time. It has a time control design with timer controls: you can also control the washing and dry time according to your requirements. It has a washtub that can be set between 1-15 minutes and the other dry shower, which can take about 1-3 minutes. The fitness club machine is simple to use, bring your clothes in and fill with water, set the timer, and start washing. This machine is eco-friendly, with a drain tube to remove dirty water quickly and also saves electricity.


  • Easy to use
  • Eco-Friendly


  • Not suitable for heavy loads

7. Whirlpool 3LWTW4815FW Atlantis 15kg 6th Sense Top Loading Washing Machine 

Whirlpool is one of the well-known companies selling top loader washing machines for the UK market. This washing machine has the dimensions of 68.6 x 69.9 x 106.7 cm and is perfect if you like to place it in a small room or a tall cupboard. The Whirlpool Atlantis 3LWTW4815FW has an incredible capacity of 15kg. It is fitted with the 6th sense technology, which ensures it detects the load size and changes the water and energy used, resulting in lower operating costs.

This machine is lockable and has a lid-lock for safety. The device is equipped with 21 cleaning programs, a porcelain bowl, and a high-quality agitator along with a cloth/softener dispenser inside the agitator. The Hot and Cold fill is due to the large capacity of the machine. Hence, the whirlpool 3LWTW4815FW Atlantis delivers performance, quality, and reliability and is the best option for a business environment without investing thousands of dollars.


  • Automatic water level detection
  • Hot & Cold fill water supply


  • Noisy

8. ElectriQ EIQWMTL Freestanding Top Loading Washing Machine

The electriQ EIQWMTL75 is a freestanding top loading washing machine with a drum size of 7.5kg and a spin speed of 1200rpm. This top-loading washing machine requires less space by providing the same excellent strength and efficiency as a front loader and is suitable for smaller homes and flats. It has 16 wash programs that help you customize each cycle to suit your load and take care of your items. Its 7.5 kg drum is ideal for smaller to medium-sized households to wash about 45 t-shirts in one process.

The regular cotton and synthetics programs are among the 16 wash programs with two special cycles for babycare and sportswear. The unique babycare cycle extracts harmful bacteria to keep young children safe and healthy. The easy 15-min wash feature and 24-hour delay timer help you wash clothes at your convenient time and is perfect for people who are in a hurry to wash and dry their clothes. It is an extremely energy-efficient washing machine with an energy level of A+++.


  • Easy to use
  • Good energy-efficiency

9. Thomas Gravity Drain Spin Dryer 2800SD 4.5kg

The Thomas Gravity Drain Spin Dryer 2800SD is suitable for small spaces, such as caravans, motor homes, or utility spaces. For smart customers who conserve electricity, with a load capacity of up to 4.5kg. Although there is no heating feature, it operates by extracting excess moisture from washed clothes without drying them. It helps them to dry on the line or in your tumble dryer more efficiently, saving your energy in the process. It also extends your cleaned garments’ life by extracting more toxic mineral deposits and detergent that can be achieved by your washing machine alone.

Wastewater is dispensed through a drainpipe on the pump’s exterior, which allows a bowl or tub to be put underneath and store the drained water. The spin dryer has a lockable safety handle over the lid, suitable for people with a weak hand grip since you can comfortably do this with a single hand. The Thomas 2800SD spins clothes two times quicker than a 1400-spin washing machine at 2800 revolution per minute. The device has a sturdy drum, rubber feet, and the top surface is made of shock-resistant plastic. The 2800SD saves your electricity bill, as it uses only 30 watts of energy per cycle and perhaps more when paired with a noise level of 67 DB. In short, the 2800SD is a worthy machine if you are looking for a small, high-capacity spin dryer.


  • Large capacity
  • Accessible to store and transport


  • Expensive

10. CASART Full-Automatic Washing Machine with 6 Washing Modes

The CART Full-Automatic washing machine is small and compact for you to move it quickly, but the honeycomb-shaped inner tub will fill 3.5kg at one time and wash loads of clothes for you, which is a decent choice for medium or low-weight washing in apartments or dorms. The washing machine is built with fully automated software; when you set up the washing machine’s software, you should leave it alone to work and make your employees. It could help your hands, and you can use your time to do other activities. There is no installation required, and it is simple for you to use the fully automatic washing machine; follow the detailed diagrams and descriptions to use this washing machine.

It is a user-friendly system with a built-in aluminum drain pump, an inlet pipe, and a drain tube that makes it convenient for this washing machine to add water or drain polluted water quickly. Also, the transparent and translucent lid makes it easy to see and track the state of water and cleaning. The control panel explicitly lists six programs and three water level choices for you to set. Different clothes have different specifications for washing and water level, so you can change water and washing mode to suit the demand.


  • Good design
  • Easy to use and operate


  • The problem in spin and drain pipe

11. Leisure Direct 230v Twin Portable Washing Machine For Students + Spin Function

Leisure direct twin portable washing machine is lightweight and easy to use with 55 x 38 x 54.5 cm measurements, fill it with hot water and detergent, and has a wash capacity of 3.6kg. This twin portable washing machine is perfect for students or somewhere else with limited space. It has a semi-automatic pulse and reverses wash with the option of regular wash or a soft delicacy cycle.

This machine includes a timer with a spin capacity of 2.5kg. It has an in-built timer and can wash for 15 minutes and switches off automatically after each timed program. The washer and the spin function of this machine pump the excess water out. Unlike other applications, the spin dryer may be used at the same time. Time as a washer or only alone with a fully flexible washer activity with pacing. It saves energy and makes the machine environmentally friendly.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Eco-Friendly


  • Suitable for minimal use

12. Whirlpool AWE 5125 Top-Loading Washing Machine Energy Efficiency Class AAB-A (10 %) / 5 kg / 1200 rpm / 0.85 kWh / White

The Whirlpool AWE 5125 is an automatic washing machine that is pretty heavy duty. Even though it’s not very small, it makes up for its large size with a large washing capacity and powerful motor.

The first thing you’ll notice is the size of this thing. It’s 63 x 40 x 90cm and it weighs 60 kilograms. You don’t want to be lugging this thing around on your caravan, but it’s great for your laundry room. The noise level is rated at 59 db. That’s not too loud considering the decibel levels of some other washing machines. The motor is intense, spinning at roughly 1200 times per minute! That’s about 20 times per second- pretty intense, right? As far as the energy efficiency, this model is rated at an AAB-A. Anything in the A category is extremely efficient, so this model will save you a lot of money in the long run.

This is a newer top loading washing machine to the UK so there aren’t many reviews on it yet. Keep in mind that because Whirlpool is a well-known appliance brand, it’s likely to be pretty reliable. And even if you do have problems with it, Whirlpool’s customer service should be able to take care of you quickly.

13. 40cm A Rated 1000 Spin 5kg Top Loader washing Machine (AWE6517)

The AWE 6517 from Whirlpool is a good washing machine for most families. Whether it’s just you or you have a spouse and little ones, it can handle just about anything you can throw at it.

Like many washing machines from Whirlpool right now, this unit has an energy rating of A. I don’t have to tell you why this is important considering how quickly we’re polluting the Earth. Another good feature is that the wash performance is A rated. This means it thoroughly washes your clothes. That doesn’t necessarily mean you can throw in a bunch of stained, super-nasty clothes and expect them to come out looking brand new. It just means it gets out most of the dirt and surface level stains. The downside? The spin performance is only C rated. Also, this unit is pretty heavy- a whopping 100 kilograms. I don’t think you’ll be taking this thing in your caravan!

This machine has great reviews online. A common feature that customers love is the fact that it’s top loading. This is important for preventing mold issues and saving a lot of space. Some people just don’t have a large laundry room, which a front loader requires. Another thing is that customers said this unit is very reliable. One person said that their first model lasted 15 years, and the second lasted 12! That’s pretty impressive. Finally, customers said that it’s a good deal for the price.

14. Whirlpool American Style Washing Machine – High Capacity – Top Loading

The Whirlpool washing machine is the next one we want to talk about. It looks pretty similar to some other Whirlpool models we’ve discussed, although there are a few differences.

This unit’s motor spins 1,000 times per minute. That’s much faster than smaller machines typically boast, but it is slower than some other models like the Whirlpool 5125. The maximum loading capacity of this unit is 5 kilograms. Keep that in mind before you start throwing in tons of heavy  blue jeans or jackets. The 6515 is top loading, which tends to have fewer problems than front loading machines. Washing machines loaded by the front tend to have mold and smell issues. Even though this model has an energy rating of A, it does not have the energy savings trust feature. Keep in mind that this isn’t a big deal, although it is worth noting if you want an extremely environmentally-friendly unit. This model is pretty slim, making it a good choice if you don’t have much floorspace.

Another model still relatively new to the UK, there aren’t many online reviews from existing customers yet. That said, the few reviews we did find praise this machine. They said that the Whirlpool AWE 6515 lasts a long time, does a great job of washing clothes and that it gets a lot of water out while preparing for the dryer.