Washing Machine Fast Wash Option Guide UK

Washing machine with fast wash option is preferred these days since no one has the time to spare for washing of clothes. Washing, spinning and rinsing options are timed so perfectly in latest models of machines that owners of such machines get quick results in washing. Though, these machines are costly initially, yet worth purchasing because of utility and efficient power efficiency in the long run.

Economy and performance does not exist together. Good wash performance and speed requires huge energy costs. It is also a fact that users want to purchase an ‘A’ grade energy efficient washing machine because of lesser energy bills and also to have better environment. For improving energy efficiency of the machine, water use is reduced resulting in consumption of lower energy in heating smaller amount of water. This action may result in washing for more time with lesser water. So energy efficient machines with slower wash times came into existence.

On complaint of long wash time, machines introduced fast wash options. In this option, machine has 15, 20, 30 minute wash time with reduced rinses and spins. But with lesser wash time you can wash lesser load of clothes. You get laundry which is wet, rumbled a little and very little spun in such washing machines. It doesn’t washes stains, skin grease, skin flakes completely. Moreover with normal detergent quantity, it will not rinse completely and leave residues in machine as well on clothes. Residues in machines may develop bacteria.

Fast wash claiming machines are unable to explain washing process as 2 to 4 minutes are taken up in developing water pressure, drain takes 2 minutes, spinning 6 to 10 minutes, heating to 40 degree centigrade requires 10 minutes, so no time is left for washing. So proper washing in “Fast Option” is impossible.

The best type of “Fast Wash” can be achieved at 40 degree C for cotton clothes otherwise manufacturers are misguiding the people. Even then the manufacturers like Bosch, IFB, Godrej, Samsung, Videocon, Whirlpool etc are in queue to deliver latest models in market for automatic, semiautomatic and dryer washing machines. The capacity range is also very wide from 3 to more than 7 Kilograms load.

Both front loaded and top loaded models are in the market. Almost all the controls are electronic and spin speeds vary from 400 R.P.M. to more than 1000 R.P.M. These machines are designed for pulsator, agitator, tumble and pugilator working. These are quite expensive with increase of modern features facilitating the fast washing, as much as possible.

Go to Appliance Stores or search your choice on reputed online shops to avoid mishandlings in payments. Prefer those washing machines which fulfill your requirements and provide support even after the purchase. Location of authorized service centers should be nearby your residence to cut breakdown time.

Inference may be drawn, “Fast Wash” option in washing machines is manufacturers’ claim which cannot be established totally in practice because of so many actions, not possible to complete in short time, involved in washing.