White Knight WM105VB Washing Machine Black Review UK

This White Knight WM105VB washing machine will defiantly not complicate your life while using it. To compare with other hard to use washing machines with hundreds of different features, this one will wash your dirty clothes in a blink of an eye. It is very easy to operate and it does not look like an aircraft cockpit. In comparison with other washing machines such as Samsung Eco-Bubble, which is made of good quality, however this model is a bit noisier when it spins.

White Knight it is not a very popular brand and not many people have used it before therefore it is possible to hesitate before the purchase. The thing is the most popular brands such as SamsungBeko or Panasonic are made of similar quality as the White Knight, however they are much more expensive.

Key features:

  • Spin Speed – up to 1000rpm
  • Capacity –up to 5 kilograms
  • Rate – A
  • It has the adjustable legs
  • Equipped with an Automatic Detergent Dispense

After testing the washing machine we have discovered that it is extremely quiet while running, even when it is spinning, so it is possible to run the washing machine during the night and it will not disturb your sleep, or upset the neighbors. As mention before it is much quieter than the Samsung Eco-bubble model and it has much neater design, it does not sand out in the room from other kitchen appliances, it fits ideally beneath the kitchen cabinets.

One you order this machine from Amazon though our website, most likely you will have to install it yourself. However do not worry as the manual that come with the washing machine is very straight forward and it will explain you how to do it. Remember that when you start to connect the machine the house’s water main is turned off first, so will not have to worry that you might have flooded the place. Honestly the entire processes should not take longer than one hour if follow instructions correctly.

To sum up this a great washing machine with not a very complicated design perfectly made for you kitchen.